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My name is Stepanka, 

I help aspiring women to overcome anxiety, worry, fears and insecurities, so that they can feel CONFIDENT, EMPOWERED AND START LIVING THE OF THEIR DREAMS, I help them to become the most glowing versions of themselves. 


I believe that it all starts with YOU, you are the most powerful influence in your life and you have the power within to turn things around. I am a coach, clinical hypnotherapist and I am here to help and support you.


I take women on a journey of an extraordinary transformation using a blend of hypnosis, NLP, coaching and other proven practical tools combined with an energetic approach, so they can escape that cycle of negative self-talk, feelings of insecurity, of not being enough and low self-esteem once and for all – and get on with creating a truly fulfilled life.


I help women to step into their full power, transform their confidence and self-belief and rewrite their relationship with themselves, while silencing their inner critic and utilising the most powerful currency on the planet - their energy, so that they can achieve anything they desire.

I am a qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, women's empowerment coach, Neuro-linguistic Programing and Angelic reiki practitioner. I use a blend of hypnosis, NLP, coaching and other proven practical tools combined with an energetic approach, so that your results are aligned with your heart's desires. My approach to therapy and coaching has been also influenced by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (CBH).

Since a very young age, I have been fascinated by the human mind, one’s potential, psychology, hypnosis, meditation, yoga, NLP and how these can be used to enhance people’s lives.

My Journey...

Yes, self-development is a journey, not a destination.

I first became interested in personal growth, mental health and one’s overall well being back in Grammar School and University, when I faced anxiety due to my constant need to prove myself to others and meet their expectations, whether it was my parents’ expectations, teachers’ expectations, my classmates and my own… I pressured myself, so that I had the best possible results in everything.

My first encounter with hypnosis was at university when I suffered from psychosomatic problems. I was vomiting, had a high fever, terrible stomach ache and could not eat or sleep well. This lasted for weeks. I went to my GP and was sent to hospital, however nothing indicated that there was anything wrong with me.... Read my full story about how hypnosis changed my life and helped me with anxiety, stress and PCOS  in the following article.

More about me. Fun Facts,

After I finished my studies of Events Management and Marketing at Bournemouth, I decided to finally follow my passion and I signed up for Hypnotherapy Diploma. Now, I cannot imagine my life without hypnosis.

I have trained at the Anglo-European College of Therapeutic Hypnosis in Bournemouth, England, where I earned the gold standard for hypnotherapy qualifications - Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma (HPD), in addition to a Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy (Dip. Hyp.) and NLP Practitioner Certification. 

I am a member of the Professional Hypnotherapy Network (the PHN), I regularly engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and  supervision. You can find the PHN Code of Conduct and Ethics here, which I strictly follow.

I live on the coast in southwest England, very close to the sea. Being originally from the Czech Republic, I love living by the sea and I am grateful for it every day. I love walking along beaches, swimming in the sea, chilling on the beach and picking up stones and shells on the beach. Apart from being madly in love with the sea, I also enjoy walks in nature, weekly trips with my partner, indoor gardening, reading and travelling.

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