Step back into your power

Hey Goddess

You are a woman who has a calling, perhaps you want to make a difference in the world. You have a goal that you want to achieve or you just want to live a fulfilling life that FEELS amazing, but something is stopping you...Imagine, that you step into your full power and potential, creating the life you want while feeling amazing, confident and worthy of anything you desire. Does this sound good? Then please make sure, that you read the entire page, because you matter and you deserve it. 

In just 10 weeks you can raise your vibration, feel empowered, fall in love with yourself and start achieving your goals…

Embody Your Inner Goddess is a 10-week high-level 1-2-1 programme transforming your confidence, rewriting your relationship with yourself, building your self-worth, rapidly increasing your self-belief, silencing your inner critic while utilising the most powerful currency on the planet - your energy, so that YOU CAN ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS.


This 1-2-1 programme is facilitated by Stepanka Kuralova, who is a clinical hypnotherapist, women's empowerment coach, neuro-linguistic programming and angelic reiki practitioner. Stepanka will take you on a journey of an extraordinary transformation using a blend of hypnosis, NLP, coaching and other proven practical tools combined with an energetic approach, so you can escape that cycle of negative self-talk, feelings of insecurity, of not being enough and low self-esteem once and for all – and get on with creating a truly fulfilled life.

This is a programme for women, whose insecurities, lack of confidence, self-worth and self-love stop them from achieving their goals, as a result they feel stressed, anxious, unfulfilled, discouraged and disempowered.

Do you constantly second-guess yourself?

Do you feel like you need to prove yourself to others?

Do you doubt yourself, your skills and abilities?

Are you done with excuses and limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

What makes this programme so different?

Highly individual

This is no pre-recorded online programme. This is serious 1-2-1 programme that is specifically tailored for you. You get all the support that you need.

Retrains Your Mindset

When we change how we think, we change how we feel and we then change our behaviours, creating powerful results that last a lifetime.

Aligns Your Soul

When you heal your relationship with self which in turn dramatically improves every area of your life.

By the end of this programme, you will...

  • Have positively transformed your relationship with yourself, so that your inner insecurities are no longer stopping you from achieving your goals

  • You will be clear on your next steps, so that you can conquer the world and become unstoppable

  • Have silenced your inner critic and changed it into a positive one, so that you feel encouraged and have a positive mindset that will fuel you

  • Your confidence and self-belief will rapidly increase, so that you no longer shrink and miss out on opportunities, just because 'you don't feel enough' and don't believe in yourself

  • You will truly say 'YES' to your deepest desires and dreams, without unconsciously sabotaging them, so that you can truly move forward

  • Your self-worth will improve, so that you no longer compare yourself to others, while putting extra pressure on yourself

  • Be putting yourself first, which, in turn, will improve your other relationships 

  • Let go of old negative limiting thought patterns, beliefs and fears, so that they no longer stand between you and your dreams

  • Feel confident in your own skin, so that you no longer feel that your life is on hold because of it

  • Decrease your anxiety & stress, overall you will  be able to handle challenging situations better 

  • Let go of self-criticism and self-judgement, because you deserve to feel good 

  • YOU WILL LOVE AND CELEBRATE YOURSELF (your mind, body and soul), so that you can be truly happy in the now

You will have a mindset of a goddess, who knows her value, loves herself, she shows it to the world and goes for what she desires.

This programme is not just theory, it is about 'doing the work' and making instant changes in your life. It is designed to transform your life from within, as that is the only way a true authentic change can be made. 

Will the next 10 weeks be the ones you look back on as the time that you decided to completely change your life?

Only You can decide

This Programme IS for you if ...

You are ready to rewrite your relationship with yourself

You are ready to commit to your wellbeing and to your positive transformation

You are ready to start putting yourself first

You are ready to learn how to start loving yourself and your body instead of fighting it

You are willing to jump in with both feet

You want to let go of old negative and limiting thought patterns and beliefs

You want to make lasting changes to your current lifestyle

You want to start the best love affair of your life ( with yourself, of course :-) )

You want to let got of self-criticism and self-judgement

This Programme is NOT for you if ...

You are looking for the 'magic pill' or 'quick fix' approach

You are not ready to take full responsibility for your wellbeing

You are not willing to invest your time and energy towards your healing

You are not ready to commit yourself to your wellbeing 

You are not open to positive changes in your life

You will learn and master the 4 secret superpowers.







The 5th superpower

Self-hypnosis -a skill that you will learn and master, so that you can support yourself when you need it. 

You will learn and master the 4 secret superpowers.







The 5th superpower

Self-hypnosis -a skill that you will learn and master, so that you can support yourself when you need it. 

Meet your guide Stepanka

Clinical hypnotherapist, Women’s Empowerment Coach, Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Angelic Reiki Practitioner

I I help aspiring women to retrain their mindset, align their energy and build their confidence, so that they start creating the life they truly desire. I believe that it all starts with YOU, you are the most powerful influence in your life and you have the power within to turn things around. It is my mission to help, motivate, inspire and uplift women, so that they become mindful creators of their lives, and together we create a ripple effect of positivity in the world. 

I have once been where you are now…

I never believed in myself, my knowledge, skills and abilities. I never felt I was enough and worthy of success. I would find an ‘explanation’ for every one of my successes and achievements, I would call them a luck, mistake or coincident. I felt like I didn’t deserve to be praised and always feared of being ’found out’ for not having the right skills, knowledge or qualification. I would say ‘no’ to opportunities I wanted, when I felt like they were out of my comfort zone, and said ‘yes’ to things I did not want. 


I was settling for less than I deserved and wanted...

This pattern stayed with me since childhood throughout my teens and then my early work career, impacting every area of my life.

As a result, I entered wrong and unhealthy relationships, let other people to treat me without respect, gave up on my dreams, felt uncomfortable in my own skin, felt unworthy and always worried about what other people think...


Things were actually getting worse throughout my teenage years. I studied hard and always felt, like I didn’t do enough. I had good grades, but still I did not even apply for my dream University, because I was convinced that I wasn’t good enough and I gave up on that dream straight away…


Long story short, it was when I started to study at University (my second choice Uni) when things became unbearable. I felt like I did not deserve to be there. I developed severe stomach problems, frequently suffered from vomiting and high fever, only to hear from the doctors that I was completely healthy… This is when I realised that it might be psychosomatic and stress related more than anything else… This was the tipping point, when I was shown a different way… When I started to read self-help books, discovered yoga, relaxation, meditation and hypnosis… This was the moment, when I knew that is is my MISSION to help others on their own journey…

In this Programme, I will be using the tools that helped me and many of my clients to get amazing results, become an unstoppable Goddess, increase their confidence, self-worth and self-believe and helped them to achieve goals they never thought possible.

This is how we are going to make this happen

(Aka, what’s included in this EXTRAORDINARY & TRANSFORMATIVE experience)

  • A welcome questionnaire that will kick-start your transformative process

  • Thorough assessment + initial session, so that I can get to know you and get a complex understanding of your situation and your needs

  • 5 x 60-minutes sessions via Skype or Zoom that will be designed specifically for you, so that you can achieve your desired outcome

  • Study materials, assignments, journaling prompts and additional tasks, that will speed up your transformative process

  • Morning meditation that will help you to step into that powerful, empowered and confident version of yourself 

  • Hypnosis recording/s, so that you progress even when we are not together 

  •  Support between sessions, so that I can answer your burning questions (I usually use FB messenger, emails, voice note etc.)

  • 1 x 30 minutes follow up call (our last session together), so that we can tweak your mindset for the most potent results 

  • access to my VIP membership site, which is packed with hypnosis recordings, videos, worksheets and workbooks that will help you speed up the whole process, retrain your mindset and align your energy with what you truly want - you will keep access to this even after we finish working together

  •  Bonus:

    • Distant Angelic Reiki Healing (worth of  £100.00)- deep and transformative energetic healing

    •  'You are the Temple' Kit so that you finally fall in love with your body (workbook, meditation, journaling prompts, affirmations)  (worth of  £15.00)







utilising your personal energy

powerful mindset & transformational work

The ultimate equation of your success


This Programme is designed to fit your individual needs 

Even though, I offer this as a program, there is not a set template that I follow. Your sessions with me will be highly individual as well as the materials, tasks and hypnosis recordings, which I design specifically for you.


I believe that there is no ''fits all'' approach, I know that you are unique as well as your circumstances are. Every client has a thorough assessment with me, whereby I gather necessary information. Based on the assessment we will work on specific areas of your life, your habits, thinking patterns, limiting beliefs and mindset while paying attention to your personal energy. 

Why 10 weeks of working together?

What we are building together, are strong foundations, those that will stay stable even after we finish working together. Big success doesn’t usually happen overnight, what often looks like a single leap or a single action are in fact many little steps.

This programme is about building solid foundations and about truly embodying all the changes that you desire compared to just quickly learning the theory. Our work will be ‘hands-on’, you will implement these changes into your life and I will support you along the way. 

"You can't build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you're going to have a strong superstructure." – G. B. Hinckley

Before I started hypnotherapy with Stepanka I was at a very low point. I couldn’t stop focusing on what I didn’t like about myself, my failures, my losses, and felt trapped by my own thoughts. After a few sessions, I immediately started to feel a renewed sense of self- I was more aware of my thoughts, and quickly began to recognize the negative thought patterns that had been holding me back. Stepanka was so encouraging, motivating, and helped me to see things clearly for what they were- she helped me to establish new thought patterns through hypnosis sessions, talking things through, and by providing all the extra support I needed. She is an excellent guide and I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her. I would highly recommend her services, she truly has changed the course of my life for the better.

Bailey, British Columbia, Canada

No longer settling for less than you truly deserve, 

and claiming the woman you truly deserve to be. 


Q: How does the application process work?

Q: How does the application process work?

By hitting the button ‘apply’, you will complete my breakthrough session questionnaire, which will give me a brief overview of your current situation. I will then contact you within the next 2 days and schedule a free call. During this call we will further discuss your situation, you will get to know me, my approach and we will see whether we are the right match.

Q: How do I know that this is 100% for me? 

Q: How do I know that this is 100% for me?  
By hitting button ‘apply’, you will apply for a call with me. During this call we will further discuss your situation, you will get to know me, my approach and we will see whether we are the right match. 

Q: Is it going to work? 

Q: Is it going to work?

I am offering no magic pill, I am offering a deep transformational work, that requires your commitment and input as well as mine. This is a journey that brings lasting results, not an overnight short-term fix.

Carla, Cologne, Germany

I felt nervous prior to our first session, as I had never done hypnosis before and I always feel a little bit shy and nervous when talking to people for the first time, especially virtually. But that feeling went quickly away. I felt at ease right from the beginning and comfortable enough to open up. I appreciated that you explained to me what your work consisted of and that you made sure I was comfortable with it before taking the next step. I felt calmer and more confident straight after one session. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to experience the same and wants to improve in confidence, self-love, self-worth and self-awareness.

The next 10 weeks could be the most 
life-changing period in your life!


Feel amazing

Increase your confidence

Silence your inner critic 

Fall in love with yourself

Embody Your Inner Goddess

​All massive changes in life start with ONE decision, ONE small step. 

It’s here.