Hypno Coaching

“Everyone needs a coach.”

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google

You want to be in the driver’s seat.

You want to choose where to go and how to get there.

Think of Hypno-coaching as a kind of supercharged life coaching. With Hypno-Coaching you get the benefits of life coaching, hypnosis and NLP all rolled into one. I never tell you what to do, because I know that the change needs to come from within. I am here to support you, to help you step out of the ‘ordinary closet’ and become extraordinary.

Hypno-Coaching is for courageous souls who:

  • want to stand out of the crowd and follow their passion, dreams and goals- big or small

  • know that life is not about ticking boxes and they don’t want to live up to expectations of others, they are ready to live the life they want, following their heart

  • want to improve their relationships with themselves and leave self-doubt behind  

  • need support and guidance on their journey

  • are ready to let go of their limiting beliefs and discover their potential

  • are ready to be in charge of their life

My coaching clients get my support between sessions via email, texts, messenger or what’s app, I will be there to guide you and support you when you need it.

Let your light shine bright, don’t dim it to fit in.

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©2020 by Stepanka Kuralova