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3 rituals how to reconnect with your body and celebrate her

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

One of the ways we stop ourselves from stepping into our power and rising is through feeling that something is wrong with us or that we are not ready enough because of the way we look.

A lot of women struggle to love their bodies, but loving our bodies and accepting them the way they are is crucial. It significantly impacts our lives, everything we do and also the relationships we have.

Our female bodies are miracles, they are fragile, complex, powerful, wise and sometimes they seem really complicated. Is there an entity on Earth with whom we have a more complicated relationship? Probably not :-). From our first breath to our last, our physical body is our constant companion. And yet how much intentional awareness do we offer to this miracle of creation, to this amazing functioning organism that keeps us alive? We often see all its limitations, but perhaps your body is not holding you back, rather, perhaps it is the one that is actually holding you through it. Holding you, every moment of every day, 24/7.

Yet, how often do we engage in a negative self-talk about our bodies? And how often do we silence this harsh inner critic and simply tune in, and listen to the messages that our body is offering? I truly believe in cultivating appreciative awareness of our bodies and deep gratitude for what they do for us. I truly believe in integrating our mind, body and soul. Only when we give ourselves permission to lovingly connect with each and every part of our physical selves, we invite the healing into our lives. We free ourselves and allow ourselves to move forward, to up level our live and to cultivate feelings of happiness, acceptance, joy and love.

How you feel about your body impacts your confidence, your self-esteem, self-worth and your mental health. Being at peace with your body means that you choose harmony instead of stress and anxiety. But what's more the way we treat our bodies directly impacts the way others treat us. How can you expect others to treat you with respect, if you don't treat yourself that way? The same applies to your body. We must treat our relationship with ourselves as the most important relationship of our lives. After all, we are in this relationship and in this body until death do us part.

3 rituals to reconnect with your body and its wisdom

1. Loving your whole body

This ritual is great for you, if there is a specific part of your body or specific parts of your body that you dislike. Think about them and tune into them. This could be a part of your body that you simple dislike or part of your body that needs more loving attention, for example, if you suffer from IBS, then you could focus on your stomach areas.

Quiet your mind (take a couple of deep breaths and meditate), close your eyes and tune into that part of your body. Focus on that part and imagine that you are smiling to it and sending love towards it. Next step is to celebrate it. Find at least 5 reasons why that part of your body is amazing and why you are grateful to have it.

You can also meditate with this part of your body.

2. Practising Self-forgiveness

I believe that this is such a powerful and loving ritual. You can work on forgiving yourself for all the bad choices you made, you can forgive yourself for how you treated your body in the past, how you spoke to her, how you thought about her etc. Through forgiveness you can free yourself from all that guilt that you might feel consciously or unconsciously. By practising self-forgiveness you are opening doors so that more self-love can walk in.

This is also a very empowering process, because by practising self-forgiveness you are owning and taking responsibility for your thoughts, actions, behaviour and emotions, but you also make that conscious decision to let go of what no longer serves you. You are choosing to let yourself free.

There are many ways how you can practice self-forgiveness. You can use the ancient technique called Ho’oponopono. The beauty of this practice is in its simplicity: basically, it is a conscious ritual of reconciliation and forgiveness. Tell yourself the following phrases and feel them and keep repeating it until you believe them. This might not happen within one day, you might need to come back to it a couple of times. The phrases are: ‘’I forgive you, I am sorry. Thank you I love you. ‘’ It is important that you truly mean it. I have had some amazing result with this technique within a relatively short period of time. By saying this, you release it from yourself and you are sending love to this situation, because everything can be accomplished with love.

There are many other techniques that you could try, for example, forgiveness meditations or hypnosis.

3. Celebrate your body

I think this is probably one of my favourite rituals. It is all about celebrating your body the way it is.

1. Tune into your body and feel into what it needs right now and what it craves. Does it crave extra sleep? Does it want a nice hot bath, sensual movement, physical exercise, pampering time, maybe it needs all of this? Don’t use your rational mind here, follow the feelings of your body. If you are not 100% sure, what it is that she needs, then visualise a couple of things and notice how she responds when you focus on different individual rituals. Really tune into what your body needs right now.

2. Dedicate enough time to this ritual and make it very special.

3. Set an intention for how you want to feel at the end of this ritual and then visualise yourself feeling it.

4. Whatever you choose to do, do it mindfully, bearing in mind that this is about celebrating you and your body. Don’t rush things. Feel that connection between you and your body.

5. Have a chat with your body and thank it for this practice, for her being your loving companion.

Some ideas for this ritual, you can choose as little or as many you desire: bath, gentle stretching, yoga, nature walking, dancing, breathing techniques, pampering, manicure, pedicure, head massage, massage, spa treatments, afternoon nap, henna tattoo, dry brushing, hypnosis, self-hypnosis, meditation, dressing up – making your body feel lush, buying new lotion or a massage bar and testing them out…. Anything really that makes you feel good.

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