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How hypnotherapy changed my life

Since a very young age, I have been fascinated by the human mind, the way it works and by the things that we can do to change our life for the better. I always knew that I wanted to study therapy and help others. However, I did not get to study this subject only in theory, I got to experience a lot of it myself. When I was experiencing anxiety (over many different things), sadness, pain, different health problems and stress, I did not enjoy it. But looking back at it now, I am grateful for all of that, as I know that it equipped me better for helping my clients than any course, training or college. I got to experience different obstacles when self-help, therapy and self-hypnosis were the only things that helped me and they helped to turn my life around over and over again.

Hypnosis can change your life too...

My first encounter with hypnosis was back at university when I suffered from psychosomatic problems. I was vomiting, had a high fever, terrible stomach ache and could not eat or sleep well. This lasted for weeks. I went to my GP and was sent to hospital, however nothing indicated that there was anything wrong with me. This made me wonder whether it was physiological or psychosomatic. My university course was difficult, and expectations were high. I was managing everything well on the outside, including my part-time job, but I always had either a stomach-ache or back pain amongst other ailments. Long story short, this was when I got to know yoga and when my yoga teacher introduced me to a hypnosis recording. I listened to it once and I felt amazing. I remember thinking in my head that it was something special, something I wanted to have more of in my life. I felt relaxed, relieved and so happy, I had achieved such a sense of inner peace from that session, that I could not even believe it. After practising that couple of times per week, my health problems disappeared. This is when I seriously started to look into how our mind and our thinking affects our feelings and even our physiology.

There is a way through every block

Hypnosis, meditation and mindfulness have become part of my life, helping me to get through stress, heart breaks, giving me courage when I needed it, helping me to relax in situations that were stressful. They became part of my daily routine. However, a couple of years onwards I started to face different health problems with my menstrual cycle. I suffered from extremely painful periods, prolonged bleeding and I tried many different things and started to feel hopeless. I tried traditional western medicine as well as various alternative or complementary therapy treatments but had only little luck. Self-hypnosis played a critical role in my healing process, as I felt extremely anxious over what was happening with my body, I felt stressed, in pain, my confidence dropped, and a lot of activities became out of my comfort zone. I was diagnosed with PCOS and had found over 60 cysts on my abdomen. I was off sick at work more often than usually and that was making me feel guilty, but what’s more I was feeling depressed at time. What truly helped me to get through that period was looking after myself, and my mental health. This was when my daily hypnosis practice was more important than ever. I purchased a couple of recordings and started to create my own recordings, but mostly I was practising self-hypnosis every single morning for about 20 minutes. I combined hypnosis with other techniques from Cognitive-behavioural therapy, I journaled a lot and worked with positive affirmations. Changing my mindset and my thinking was key. I felt more positive, full of hope and I was able to support myself on my healing journey.

Self-hypnosis helped me to get through difficult times and I came out stronger. I have learnt a lot about myself, I started to trust myself more and I learnt many skills that still help me every day.

What I love about hypnosis the most is that, it is not actually about what the therapist does, it is ALWAYS the client that makes that powerful change, the change comes from within. The client learns skills for life, they don’t become depended on the therapist, they regain a sense of freedom, courage and they become to trust themselves more. It is a liberating process.

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