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I love when my clients experience fear. WHAAAAAT???

I love when my clients experience fear. WHAAAAAT??? Let me explain this…

Fear can be often misunderstood. Fears are opportunities to expand and grow. But it is only up to us how we respond to them.

I love witnessing the powerful transformation from being stopped by fear to being empowered by it. I see my clients facing fear all the time. They sometimes fear even booking with me for hypnotherapy & coaching, because they worry about whether they are capable of making it work… whether this approach will help them, because on many occasions they have suffered from their problems for years or/and tried different things before with little success. They often fear the commitment, because this is something which will be required of them, to fully commit to their wellbeing while we work together. They fear the unknown and taking a full responsibility for their wellbeing…. Their ego often kicks in just because they are facing something, which might be new and something that is showing them how to grow.

To be frank with you, I love seeing this, because those fears are often the gatekeepers of my clients’ deepest desires and when they say ‘YES’ to themselves, they step into their biggest, brightest and most expanded self and they walk through that gate past their fears with love and courage in their heart and this is when the transformation begins.

We are not talking about the fear that keeps you alive from a wild bear, fast driving car or a dangerous looking cliff top path. We are talking about the fear that keeps you stuck where you are, makes you shrink and kills your dreams.

This type of fear can do two things, it can stop or empower you.This is what differentiates those who aspire and those who achieve.This type of fear is here to move you forward, not to stop you.

Waiting to stop feeling afraid is what is stopping you, not the actual fear.What is stopping you is your response to fear.Feel fear and do anyway.

The thing is that we all experience fear, it is normal, it is healthy and even the most confident people do experience it (often daily). When you feel fear, it means that the thing you are facing is important to you.

Fear is an emotion, which is part of your emotional guidance system, which has one and only purpose: to guide you, to show you when you are not in alignment, to highlight what is important to you and what is NOT, to remind you of what you truly want and to move you to where you want to be.Taking action despite feeling afraid will empower you and will improve your confidence.The best things are often tightly nestled right behind your fears.

Fears are opportunities to expand and grow. But it is only up to you how you respond to them.

PS: If you are ready to move past your fears and need support, send me a message and book a discovery call with me, we will look at your situation and how you could benefit from working with me. I am the confident woman coach and a clinical hypnotherapist, I help women to move from fear, anxiety, worry and insecurities to confidence, empowerment and life of their dreams.

with love


Clinical hypnotherapist and confidence coach

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