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Is Alcohol Stopping You From Reaching Your Goals?

Do you find it hard to have a balance between your fun social life and achieving your goals and dreams?

The good news is that you don’t need to completely avoid alcohol in order to be productive, focused and able to chase your wildest dreams. We all know how much fun it is to go out with friends, have drinks, dance or sit in a cosy pub. We often have drinks with dinner or after a long busy day or week. And it is definitely OK to have drinks and have fun, but what if you start to feel like it is taking over, it is distracting you from achieving your goals, being productive or it is even making you feel anxious.

I am personally no good with alcohol, as it used to make me feel really anxious and, in the days, following a couple of drinks, I ended up feeling tired, distracted, not myself and just unfocused. This used to make me wonder whether that couple of hours of good time was worth it…? Then I got into this cycle of feeling guilty after drinking, feeling less productive and more miserable :-D. Having suffered from some health problems, I started to appreciate my body more and became more conscious about what I ‘put’ in it. As we all know alcohol is not the healthiest thing in the world and this was another reason why I decided to eliminate the amount of alcohol I was consuming.

Well, I didn’t quit drinking all together, but these days I am more conscious about it. I only drink when I truly want and I am in a good place to enjoy it. When I drink, I want to enjoy every single sip of that glass. I don’t like following strict rule, but I always try to follow my inner guidance.

So what to do if drinking is getting in the way of your goals…

6 Steps you can take today…

1. You have already taken the first step, you are here reading this article and you have realised that social drinking might be getting in your way when it comes to manifesting your goals.

2. If you really want to do something about this, start by writing down your WHY's - why you want to achieve those goals, why it is important to you, what it does for you and HOW you will feel when you achieve them.

3. Look at your WHY’s and your HOW and compare it to going out and drinking. Is it worth ditching your goals for social drinking? Can you find balance between these two? Can you perhaps reduce the amount of drinks or how often you go out and have drinks?

4. Ask yourself those questions when going out to drink /just thinking about it. Ideally write these down on a piece of paper. Do I really want this, or is this an emotional response? How will going out and drinking make me feel later? Am I choosing this drink consciously, or do I feel like I ‘need’ it to take the edge off? (if the answer it yes, then ask yourself why you need to take the edge off something anyway? What’s underneath that?) Am I just drinking because I want to have fun? What else can I do to have fun? How else can I socialise with my friends? What is stopping me from having only a couple of drinks? Am I drinking just because everyone else is? – OK, I know that this might look like a lot of questions, but I highly recommend doing this, because the answers might surprise you.

5. Another technique that can be truly powerful and this is something that I often do in hypnosis ( in a more complex way) is to imagine your future when you keep doing what you are doing right now ( drinking, not achieving your goals) and then imagine what your future would be like if you pursue your dreams and passions. What future do you choose? What life do you want to live?

6. Another helpful technique is to ask yourself (when out and drinking) : How will my future ME feel in the morning? And if you know that you really do drink too often and too much then ask yourself: Is this serving my body?

I don’t believe in having set strict rule, but I believe that we always have choices and that our decisions shape our future.

I hope you find this helpful. Please don't judge yourself, if this is currently happening in your life. Look at it as a part of your journey and do know that every challenge is just an invitation to go deeper and to get know yourself better.

Lots of Love


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