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Are you unconsciously self-sabotaging your goals and wellbeing?

Updated: Jul 18, 2019

Let me tell you a secret about my signature programme, because I know you will learn something valuable from it, so please make sure you read this until the end.

The Universe makes things happen in the most wonderful and often unexpected ways… This is why we need to let go of the ‘how’ and ‘when’… Your conscious mind is never able to come up with the same solutions as the Universe itself. In other word,leave a little room for magic. 

I did NOT mean to create my ''Embody Your Inner Goddess'' programme, it LITERALLY happened on its own. The Universe organised this on my behalf and took the pressure off me. Let me tell you how…

After I qualified as a clinical hypnotherapist, I started to see my first clients. I did not have a niche; I did not specialise in anything. I knew that having a niche is really important and will help me in many ways. But I just could not work it out, as I had a massive calling that I wanted to help as many people as possible (you might relate to this) and wanted to make a massive impact in the world and I could not imagine ‘being selective’ of who I work with. 

My first clients were mainly women and after a while I started to notice a pattern in their problems. Many of them suffered from low confidence, self-worth and self-esteem, they did not believe in themselves and therefore often missed out on different opportunities or did not live their life the way they desired… They settled for things and relationships that did NOT serve them. Their insecurities often ruled their life and stopped them from achieving their goals. Many of my clients compared themselves to others and prioritized needs of others before their own and as a result, they felt energetically and physically depleted. I felt more and more passionate about this topic, learning more about how I could help my clients, creating new techniques and hypnoses specifically to tackle and address those issues. 

What’s more, I realised that behind my other female clients’ problems were similar issues too. For example, a client who came to see me with procrastination and motivation issues, was unconsciously self-sabotaging her goals, as deep down she did not feel worthy of it…Her feelings of unworthiness for herself were directly ‘mirrored’ back to her in her productivity, and also in other aspects of her life, such as in her business, ’haters’ that would pick on her, personal relationships and in life in general. 

Soon I recognised, that this was my niche unfolding itself to me, without me micromanaging things. I kept my tunnel vision of making a massive impact in the world. I set a powerful intention, I visualised helping women (even if I didn’t know the details), I saw myself empowering women to achieve their goals and here I am now.

It brought me to tears, because I also recognised that I attracted those clients, as they were past versions of myself in some ways, as I had deeply struggled with those issues myself.

I have created this high-level 1-2-1 programme for women like you, using the best tools, because you deserve to achieve your goals and feel amazing!

 Let the Universe guide you, surrender what worries you and holds you back. The only way out is in. 


We always have to start with ourselves, because then life becomes easier and we can give more to others as well. 

Check out my signature offering, because this can change your life here and now. Free the Goddess within!  and Let the Universe guide you!


If you have a story like this, when the Universe guided you and unfolded the most unexpected solution, result or way, reply to and let me know. Would be great to connect with you babe. 

Have a wonderful day.



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