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Stop overthinking your path

💫Stop overthinking💫

Overthinking, questioning, impatience and comparison are not your friends when it comes to living a life that is in alignment with your soul.

⬇️❌Common ego scripts❌⬇️

'Am I focusing on the right thing?'

'I should already be where she is…'

'Why is it taking so long?'

'If I was on the right path, things would be easy.'

'How come that the same thing is working for them, but not for me?'

'How can I speed things up? I have been working on this for so long…


⬇️What your soul says⬇️

What you are building is being built.

You are exactly where you need to be.

You are moving at the perfect speed.

You are always on the right path and divinely guided..

Stay in your own lane. Focus on what is in front of you.

It's the time to walk steady. Take a baby step daily.

🌷You have come a long way, you have been building strong foundations, be proud of yourself and express gratitude for everything that is, was and will be. This will help you embrace the present moment and slow down.🌷

The secret is that when you slow down, you actually speed up in alignment with your soul.

Overthinking and comparison slow you down, distract you from your true path.

The seeds you planted will blossom soon 🌺.

Keep walking.

🌈PS: Are you ready to step into your next level identity and start pursuing your dreams and live a fulfilling life? Ready to answer that calling your heart even though it can feel scary at times?

I will guide you through a process of embodying your new identity, so that you can start living your best life now. Want more info? Send me a message and I will share the details. I have so many exciting things coming up this Summer for my clients. 🌈

Big Love,


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