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Your expectation is pretty powerful and I want you to know how to use it.

BECAUSE whatever you EXPECT, you will GET.

Where you want to be is your desire, and where you are is your set point, you can see it as your starting point.

👉AND somewhere in between, is what we would call expectation - your expectation. Your expectation is always what you believe ( whether wanted or unwanted, whether it happens consciously or unconsciously) and it is a powerful point of attraction. My clients come to me saying that they need help to overcome certain fears, anxiety or insecurities - simply the things which prevent them from living their life fully.

HOWEVER, sometimes they also have a fear that things won't work out for them, they worry that they are not able to change - this is why it is SO important to examine one's beliefs and expectation first, so that they are not negatively impacting your results.

Your expectations become self-fulfilling prophecies.



1. Recognize negative expectations. Am I focusing on the negative? What are the 'what ifs' I'm dwelling on? Am I visualizing negative scenarios? What negative beliefs do I hold when it comes to my desires?

👉get it of your chest and don't hold yourself back here

2. Change your thinking from negative to positive. After you've recognized your negative thinking when it comes to expectations and your desires, it's time to start changing things. What do I choose to expect? What do I desire to happen? What are my new expectations about life/my desires?

3. Practice positive expecting. Only regular practice will make a lasting change.

My favourite tool to cultivation positive expectations, and therefore positive beliefs, is journaling - scripting in particular📔🖋.

I like to write my new positive beliefs over and over again, as if it was already my reality. I find that my subconscious mind starts believing it much quicker when I write about it.

👉You can always start with something simple, for example, begin an ordinary day at work thinking about all of the things that can go right that day. Doing this on a regular basis will help you create a habit of expecting positive things!

It can be really easy to get into the habit of expecting the worst in order to prepare for any worrisome situations.

I am not saying that you should not be well prepared, but that it's important to have a balance between being prepared and feeling good about it and expecting the worst wherever you go and torturing your mind with terrible scenarios.

Remember negative expectations often lead to negative situations.

Extra tip: it takes practice so don't give after first attempt.

Big Love,


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