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The Ultimate Love Story: You and Your Body

I have had recently a lot going on, as my partner was poorly and had an emergency surgery. Luckily for him, the surgery went well, however, it will take him up a month to fully recover. I went to see him to the hospital every single day. Going there every day made me really think about my own health and my own body. Seeing people who were unable to eat, digest their food, drink and walk made me stop and REALLY appreciate my own body and all that it does for me. I felt a deep gratitude for being able to move freely, eat my favourite foods, drive, laugh and just to do all the 'normal' things that we sometime take for granted. 

All of this made me really think about my own journey with my body and that I did not always look at my body as a 'friend'. I have been fighting my body, complaining about it, I wanted a different body instead of mine or at least change it completely. On the other hand, I also know how significant it is to our mental well-being to accept our bodies, to love and appreciate them, as they truly are our life companions. 

I felt the urge to create something that other women could use in order to accept their bodies, increase their confidence and self-esteem. I kept thinking about it for the past 3 weeks and kept putting it off... But I kept hearing the whispers that many women would benefit from this.

So I started creating 'You are the Temple' Kit for others to benefit from it.  Creating this meditation and workbook has brought a lot of memories back to life. Memories of moments when I deeply disliked my body and struggled to feel grateful for her. Those were the moments when I was ‘fighting’ different health problems and couldn’t understand why my body was doing this to me, those were moments when I tried to hide my uniqueness, so that I could fit in…

These were the moments when I needed work like this, when I needed to read this workbook and when I needed to practice deep gratitude and appreciation for my body.

This ‘You are the Temple Kit’ is for you if you ever struggled to like your body and if you want to deepen your relationship and connection with you body. Please feel free to message me with any questions, click here to read more info and to purchase the Kit It is ONLY for £11.00. This is a launching price and will go up next Sunday.

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