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  • Štěpánka Kuralová

We are halfway through the not to feel overwhelmed... (free present)

It was the Summer Solstice yesterday and I realised that we are ALREADY halfway through 2019. I immediately felt overwhelmed AF... My ego kicked in... That nasty voice at the back of my mind started to tell me that I need to do more, be more productive and try harder so that I can achieve all the goals I set for myself this year... It took me couple of hours, a long walk and a meditation in nature to actually realise, but mainly to FEEL ( and be alright with it) that I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that I have achieved so much this year, even though all the goals I set for myself in January have not been ticked off.

I journaled on it and it revealed to me how much I have actually achieved and how much I have grown - life gave me more than what was on my to-do-list, I received the lessons I needed in order to learn and evolve. This gave me a deep sense of gratitude and appreciation for life, all that I have and for who I have become.

I have made some amazing friends, did things that scared me, worked with some new and fabulous clients, started a blog on my website, started a wonderful facebook group, stepped out of my spiritual closet, moved to a different flat, faced my ego as it doubted everything I was doing... and much more... The things that I am most proud of are the little things, which others wouldn't see, which only I know about. I consciously choose to focus on the good things, I choose NOT to focus on what I failed and what I didn't achieve.

So instead of buying into the hustle mentality and feeling overwhelmed, lets celebrate all that we did in the past 6 months. This is a great opportunity for us to pause, journal and reflect, to acknowledge and celebrate all that we have achieved.

Summer Solstice Reflection Practice

1. You can start by checking in with your current feelings. How are you feeling right now?

2. Reflect on how far you've come already this year – what was happening in your life back when this cycle began, on the Winter Solstice (December) ? Think back to the Winter Solstice ... Where were you? Mentally?? Emotionally?? What was going on for you then? How have you grown? (Make sure you give yourself a few minutes to answer. Don't listen to your ego here, as it might try to tell you that you achieved nothing.)

In what ways have you grown over the last 6 months?

3. Pause for a minute & let yourself feel really proud. Feel proud for even the smallest steps you've taken this year. (Even if your ego tries to tell you they're not worth of celebrating. They ARE!) They are worthy of celebrating. Even if, for no other reason, than that you are alive and that is worth celebrating.

Summer is also the time to connect with the heat & the fire of the let it inspire and guide you!!

The Sun is at the height of its cycle – its shining its tallest, and proudest. And it's inviting you to do the same. It's lending its light & its fire: so you can invite this fierce, powerful energy into your life to refuel all those dreams, plans, and ideas you had for yourself this year. Summer is the season it's the season of FIRE, of MOVEMENT. It's the season of enormous, abundant growth. This is the season to put all the ideas, plans, dreams you've had for yourself into ACTION. And the sun's fire is here to empower you – to fuel you.

Journaling prompts:

Where can you invite this fire into your life? How can you use it to empower you?

What wants to expand within you? What are you ready to amplify? What makes you come alive? How can I find rest amid the vibrant energy of living at large?

To celebrate the beginning of the Summer I have created a free Inner Light Activation MP3, which you can download from my Freebie Library on my website. Summer is not just about celebrating the Sun light, but it is also a great opportunity to connect with your own inner light, which always guides you even on the darkest of days. You will find this activation under meditations in the library. Click below to access it.

With love


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