You are the Temple- Love Your Body Kit

What you get:

  • Workbook

  • Hypnosis Meditation

  • Journaling Prompts (this is for after the meditation)

  • Bonus: Love your Body Affirmations 

You are the Temple Kit  reconnects you to the wisdom of your body, helps you to fall in love with your body and to accept it the way it is right now. The meditation expands your experience of self-love, health, self-compassion, confidence, gratitude, deep appreciation and peace of mind. The Workbook reframes the way you look at your body and the journaling prompts help you to expand on your experience with the meditation, grounding it by writing it down. This self-love and self-acceptance kit is designed to help cultivate a more loving body image and self-awareness. This meditation allows you to reconnect with your heart and helps you to remember that You are worthy of love and that your body is beautiful and perfect the way it is right now.

“Your body is precious. It is your vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.”     

 —The Buddha



Lottie, England/France

I have absolutely LOVED 'You are the Temple' Kit! The way you get to build knowledge and information from the workbook first is amazing, as it sets you up with the foundation you need to do the meditation and journaling. I love how the workbook is written, it's easy to take in BUT makes you really think about how you have treated yourself and your body. It's emotional, as if like me you haven't looked after it, you will find so many light bulb moments. The meditation is truly beautiful and you feel in the moment of the meditation and the body feels so so loved through it. The way Stepanka speaks in the meditation is very calming and perfectly timed. You don't want it to end. The last part of the kit is journaling and that really makes you REALLY think and connect even more with your body and how to truly love it!

Have you suffered from negative self-talk towards your body?

Do you dislike your body? Do you compare your body to others?

Do you feel like you are fighting your body? Do you feel trapped in your body?

Would you like to connect to your feminine side and feel really at home in your body?

Would you like to hear the guidance and wisdom of your body more often?

Do you want to deepen your with your body?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then this Kit is for you.

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