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Work With 

Deep Healing. Safety. Support.

Working with my clients is my soul calling.


I guide soul-centered women to follow their deeper callings, to become unstoppable, empowered and stop being held back by fears, insecurities & anxiety.


I help them to become the most magnetic and glowing version of themselves, so that they can create a life of their dreams. 


I take women on a journey of an extraordinary transformation using a blend of hypnosis, Emotional Freedom Technique ( tapping ) Neuro-Linguistic Programming, coaching and other proven practical tools combined with an energetic approach, so they can escape that cycle of negative self-talk, feelings of insecurity, of not being enough and low self-esteem once and for all – and get on with creating a truly FULFILLING LIFE.

How You can work with me

1-2-1 hypnotherapy

& coaching 


A safe container for your personal & professional growth. 

You will liberate yourself from insecurities, fears & limiting beliefs that have been holding you back from fully stepping into your potential.


Become unstoppable, 

empowered & start creating

the life of your dreams.


I will help you to become the most magnetic & glowing version of yourself.

 You will get all the support

 you need.


VIP Day with Stepanka is an amazing opportunity for you to anchor in your next level, gain clarity, activate your vision and shift into an upgraded frequency, both personally

& professionally.


Are you ready to calibrate your energy & step into the full potential of who you really are ?

Let’s get you to your next expansion level now.

Emotional Alchemy


A 5-week program to emotional intelligence and inner magnetism. Reclaim the power of your heart & your feminine radiance.

In this 5-week journey, you will learn how to navigate yourself through storms, calm seas, stagnant waters and will learn how to lead yourself back into a safe and loving harbour of your dreams, alignment and feminine radiance.

This program will change your life, open your heart and help you get through anything.

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Self-Paced Course


A 3-part masterclasses focusing on New Earth manifestation codes, feminine healing and identity work and energy alchemy. 

Sign up for only £44. 00 and gain immediate access to incredible materials. 

Not sure what
support you need?

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Book a consultation

The purpose of this call is for us to look at your current situation and everything, which you have been experiencing, as well as we will also look at your goals, desires and aspirations.

Together, we will address what is currently holding you back from achieving your goals and being your most magnetic self - assessing your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing and exploring the root cause of what you have been experiencing. 

We will create an aligned action plan for you and strategize on the best steps for you to become a fully empowered and embodied woman, who is fully connected to herself, her emotions, goals and inner magnetism.
These calls are only for women who are committed and ready to take action.

This is a one time call, designed to be an initial consultation, that is not to be used as a regular session. If you would like to work with me long term, receive mentorship, hypnotherapy and accelerate your growth, then you might be a great fit for my 1:1 hypnotherapy mentorship packages, however, this can be a great place for us to start * and as part of this call, we can also explore how I can support you in moving forward in your life. 

* If you choose to upgrade to working together on 1-2-1 capacity in my hypnotherapy mentorships, the investment for your consultation will be applied towards the full mentorship investment. 

Investment: £155.00
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