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New Earth
Leaders Collective

A 3-month manifestation embodiment program unlike any other. Say goodbye to endless modules and workbooks. We're going beyond the mind's level, harnessing the power of group energy to amplify your intentions and to manifest your deepest desires with tangible results. 


CommUNITY Manifestation.


You've done all the manifestation work. You've read the books, taken the courses, and listened to modules and explanations of how and why manifestation works.


But now, you're ready to take it to the next level and end the lone wolf era of doing it alone. You don't want to sit for hours listening to yet another presentation that breaks down the process for you; you want to feel the energy shift and embody your next-level self. You want to tap into the energy of your desires instead of just learning about it.

You also recognize that times are changing. There's an awakening happening on the planet. What once worked might not be effective for you right now, but you have the potential to manifest things at hyperspeed. We are creating the New Earth, an era where we shift from individual focus to collective focus. You know you are here for a reason.

Of course, you can manifest amazing things by yourself, but what if I told you that there is a different way of manifesting that is scientifically proven to amplify the energy? Group manifestation.

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The New Earth Leaders Collective

Harness the profound energies of a small group of fellow lightworkers to manifest your deepest dreams and desires, deepen your healing, and positively impact the world. 


No more passive learning; this group program is about true embodiment and immediate change, perfect even for those with busy schedules.

When two or more hearts unite with the intention of mutual support, holding each other's visions and sending healing energy, the energy is exponentially AMPLIFIED.

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This is true not only in terms of energy and quantum physics but our hearts physically communicate with each other in our bodies. 

For example, Dr. Rollin McCraty and his team at the HeartMath Institute conducted a study titled "The Electricity of Touch." They found that when people come together with the intention of mutual support and healing, there is a measurable exchange of energetic information between their hearts, and the group energy is amplified in unison. This and other studies highlight the transformative outcomes that become possible in a group, surpassing individual capacities.

For example, another notable study, led by John Hagelin and a team of researchers, demonstrated that the energy of a group can be incredibly powerful and lead to a reduction in crime rates (up to 24.6%) and a decrease in drug-related problems (decreased by up to 30.4%), while also empowering individuals who hold positive intentions.

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YES, a group can be this powerful!

Now, imagine what this collective energy can do for your personal manifestations.

Similarly, Lynne McTaggart, a best-selling author and expert on the science of spirituality, has shared that her 10 years of experiments reveal humans have an incredible capacity for healing and manifesting positive outcomes when harnessing the miraculous power of group intention.

So, what if you utilised the power of group energy with fellow lightworkers to achieve faster manifestation results while mastering both the art of receiving and giving? 

As we enter a new age and build the New Earth together, remember that we are not meant to do this alone.


Channel the group's energy into your personal intentions, manifestations, and healing.

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What does a group manifestation and healing session feel like?

Being in Stepanka’s group healing was a life changing experience! I had the opportunity to be held by other conscious women who envisioned my manifestations alongside with me. And I too had the opportunity to quantum leap with other women into their big manifestations. The way Stepanka listened to each and every persons desire with so much loving detail and spoke it out loud into existence for us too was POWERFUL.


The energy of all these powerful women coupled with Stepanka’s clinical and spiritual knowledge (not to mention her sweet and fierce essence— she’s the whole package lol) shifted timelines for me. Not only that, this group healing healed a very deep sisterhood wound for me. This group will change your life and shift you into dimensions of your new reality you’ve been deeply desiring. So grateful for Stepanka and all the conscious awakened women.

Samantha Gilhooly
Trauma Healing Expert & Self-Worth Intimacy Life Coachr
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The Era of the Lone Wolf Healer is Over

Manifestation and healing accelerate when we come together.

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This is for the healer, lightworker, psychic, creative, and soulpreneur who understands the power of energy and the importance of having like-minded souls around you. Because we all know how lonely life can get. 


If you are ready to receive rapid upgrades, manifest your goals with the help of the group energy, deepen your healing, explore the dynamics of receiving and giving, and send healing to the entire world, this collective is for you.


PS: Other studies even show that group meditations, energy techniques and support even increase motivation, overall wellbeing and health.

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-an intimate small group of lightworkers (SPOTS ARE VERY LIMITED, THIS IS MEANT TO BE VERY INTIMATE)

-bi-weekly (6 in total) group sessions to co-create, meditate and amplify collective energy for 3 months - we will focus on practising various different techniques together and keeping you accountable.

-a community space to continue to support and celebrate each other


First Call: 12th August at 7pm British Summer Time, held on Zoom 

Second Call: 26th August at 7pm BST, held on Zoom

The following dates will be announced shortly. 

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What does a group manifestation and healing session feel like?

"The group manifestation exercise Stepanka led us through in the retreat was short, but incredibly powerful!


We used the magic of collective energy and intention to help each of us women receive support towards one specific manifestation goal. I was amazed at how I received immediate clarity on my goal with the focus of the group.


Even better, the exercise helped me to connect deeply to exactly how achieving this goal was going to FEEL in my actual experience.


This group exercise with Stepanka's beautiful guidance made my goal so much more REAL and do-able in just a few moments, inspiring me to take aligned action that felt natural and easy - absolute gold!"

Angela Bargerstock
Soul Relationship Coach & Multidimensional Mentor
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Spots are limited in this community-centered group, prioritizing intimacy and co-creation.


This offering is affordably priced with payment plans available too.


How to join:


If you feel this is the right fit for you, please reach out to me either via Facebook Messenger or at

Investment Choices:

Full Payment Option: £333.00 GBP

Payment plans: Starting from £111.00 GBP

Ready to unlock your next level? 

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