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Stepanka is an expert at what she does. We have been working together for almost 6 months now and we went from ‘fixing’ urgent problems to recognising and building my long-term vision.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective and it is such a down-to-earth approach and I love it. Stepanka also knows what to say and when.

The first half of 2019 was awful, and I did not think I was going to get through it. So many things happened in my personal life and this made me seek help and support and that is when I started working with Stepanka.

Looking back, I am grateful for all that happened in my life that year, as working with Stepanka has been the best decision I have ever made. I love the fact that the sessions are online, as I can do it from the comfort of my home. I am feeling so supported and truly seen. Now I feel I could truly do anything, even run for president !

Molly, United States- but she is currently travelling the world 

I absolutely loved working with Stepanka. I loved my sessions with her and felt so at ease, even though it was my first time doing hypnotherapy. I gained so much from our sessions together and look forward to working with her again!

Carla, Cologne, Germany

I felt nervous prior to our session, as I had never done hypnosis before and I always feel a little bit shy and nervous when talking to people for the first time, especially virtually. But that feeling went quickly away. I felt at ease right from the beginning and comfortable enough to open up. I appreciated that you explained to me what your work consisted of and that you made sure I was comfortable with it before taking the next step. I felt calmer and more confident straight after one session. I would recommend you to anyone who wants to experience the same and wants to improve in confidence, self-love and awareness.

Flori, Bournemouth, England

I believe that our inner work is very important, but sometimes we all need a bit of help. I found myself in a situation when I became disappointed in relationships, losing the trust in men. After working with Stepanka, I felt more confident, understanding better the benefits of healing from an unhealthy relationship that I ended just before we started to work together, and shifted my mindset about relationships.  Stepanka has an angelic voice when using hypnosis, she is not only passionate and dedicated to what she does, but she is also highly professional.  I am grateful for our work together.

Bailey, British Columbia, Canada

Before I started hypnotherapy with Stepanka I was at a very low point. I couldn’t stop focusing on what I didn’t like about myself, my failures, my losses, and felt trapped by my own thoughts. After a few sessions, I immediately started to feel a renewed sense of self- I was more aware of my thoughts, and quickly began to recognize the negative thought patterns that had been holding me back. Stepanka was so encouraging, motivating, and helped me to see things clearly for what they were- she helped me to establish new thought patterns through hypnosis sessions, talking things through, and by providing all the extra support I needed. She is an excellent guide and I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her. I would highly recommend her services, she truly has changed the course of my life for the better.

Irena, Prague, Czech Republic

Having worked in aviation for almost 11 years I found myself on the edge of burn-out. Stepanka coached me to see my work from a different angle and to overcome stress in my demanding job. We also focused on my private life and leisure time. Thank to our work together, I discovered my unlimited potential, my creativity, but what's more,I now enjoy my job again.

Mirka, Bournemouth, England

I struggled with procrastination, lacked motivation, time-management skills and felt overwhelmed as I had too much to do and so little time. After two sessions, I have overcome my procrastination tendencies and was given tools that helped me to stay motivated and be more productive. I always received session notes very quickly after each session, as well as other resources to support me outside therapy.

Alex, Norfolk, England

Stepanka and I had 4 sessions of hypnotherapy. I felt immediately comfortable in talk with her, and the fact that it was via Skype call didn't make it feel any less personal or that Stepanka was any less present. Hypnosis was a totally new concept to me, the process and purpose was explained to me in detail, and we also did other strategies aside from hypnosis to support my goal which was to gain more confidence and self-belief in myself and my new business. I thoroughly enjoyed all my sessions, and I definitely see hypnosis as a technique to move through life. 

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