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Coaching & Hypnotherapy

Private transformational journey with me where we will break through your limitations, fears and upper limit problems so that you can step into that next level in your business. 


Ready for more magic and abundance?


Imagine this: a calm mind, confident and consistent actions, a radiant smile stretching across your face, you’re holding your head high and showing up for your dreams like a boss, even when it's uncharted territory, and you walk forward with clarity and purpose.

Can you feel the excitement building?

And now imagine, that you are no longer imagining, this is not a dream, but your new reality.

I guide spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers and creatives who desire to break free from self-sabotage tendencies such as procrastination, fear, insecurities, lack of follow-through, repetitive patterns, and upper limit challenges. 

And want to unlock their true potential and empower to their next levels of abundance, confidence, authenticity, and aligned action in all areas of life, business, and career.

Does this sound familiar?

  • Do you feel like you're not making the progress you want? It's like you've hit a glass ceiling in getting more clients, customers, or students, growing financially, becoming more visible, or simply taking action on your ideas?

  • You've achieved a big goal in your business, and already you're entertaining doubts about whether it will happen again. you're arguing with your partner and imagining all sorts of negative scenarios that could happen in your life and business. It's like you're sabotaging yourself and bumping into that upper limit problem - AGAIN!

  • ​You’re great when things are going well, but when the dips come (and that’s just business) or when you have to face refund requests, less-than-positive feedback, or rejection, your day becomes a complete write-off.  Your mood takes a hit, you're not fully present with your family, and sometimes your day ends up being a Netflix and ice cream pity party.

  • After dealing with a single tough client, student, or customer, you're suddenly shying away from putting your offer out there or showcasing your services. You’ve become an avoidant in your business! You're unconsciously putting up a barrier to new clients, all because deep down you're worried a similar situation might recur.

  • After that last launch didn't go as planned, with fewer people signing up for your workshop than you'd hoped, you've started to hold back on your creative ideas. It's like you're putting the brakes on because you're afraid of history repeating itself, and you're not keen on dealing with those emotions all over again

  • Does your perfectionism, self-criticism, and imposter syndrome prevent you from sharing your voice, taking on exciting projects, or expressing your true gifts and authentic self?

  • Do you often feel overwhelmed with a flood of ideas and a never-ending to-do list, lacking clarity on where to even start?

  • Deep down, you crave the ability to lean back, manifest incredible opportunities, and make a significant impact on the world and your family's life. Yet, it often feels like you're running on a hamster wheel.

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…aligning your subconscious mind and nervous system with your goals and vision, so that you can finally get out of your own way and stop sabotaging your success. have the emotional intelligence and resilience to deal with a difficult client, refund request or any general shitshow without letting it ruin your holiday, valuable time with your family and without reaching for the pity-party ice-cream or feeling like you might just need to burn down your entire business.

...breaking through your income barrier and increasing the numbers of clients and customers in your business. are regulated, and calm, and the every-day old anxiety of running your business is a distant memory. No more shiny object syndrome, no more fear-based actions or decisions. are no longer constantly obsessed with your business. Your boundaries are strong, you no longer take on your client’s baggage. As soon as your laptop shuts you are present with your partner, kids and family.

…stepping into every action with unwavering confidence and conviction, knowing that you are on the right path to achieving your dreams, so that you can finally break that cycle of giving up, doubting yourself, and overthinking, and instead, follow through on that next goal.

…releasing the fears around ‘why this is not possible for me’ and reaching your next level of abundance, joy, fulfilment and success, so that you can finally unlock the lifestyle upgrades you have dreamed of for years.


Picture yourself enjoying holidays with your family, cultivating deep and soulful connections with like-minded souls, travelling, and waking up each day to do what you love.

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I am here to help.


The Ultimate Hypnocoaching Experience

Three-month transformative experience, but spoiler alert: many clients end up renewing  due to the amazing breakthroughs they experience, making this  level of support a no-brainer for them to continue. 

& Welcome

I am Stepanka, an intuitive hypnotherapist, subconscious reprogramming expert, mindset and energy alchemist for soulpreneurs, lightworkers, creatives and ambitious spiritual women.


It is my purpose is to help you turn every "I can't" into a resounding "I can and I am f**king doing it", every "I am not meant for this" into unshakable faith in yourself, and every "What if I fail?" into an unwavering belief in your unstoppable nature.

What my clients say
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Together we will:


...level up your mindset and align those deep-rooted beliefs lurking in your subconscious with your goal. Because, if your subconscious mind and your body aren't on the same page, you'll unknowingly sabotage your success and unintentionally repel opportunities. 


...dig deep and release all those  sneaky, hidden, limiting stories that have been holding you back, so you can finally take consistent action that gets you those amazing results you've been craving.


...boost your emotional intelligence. No more giving up when things get a bit rocky; you'll be the one rocking the boat and turning every challenge into a goldmine. 


...instil an unshakable belief in your inherent worthiness, liberating you from the need for external validation. You'll no longer chase approval from others but embrace the truth that you are inherently deserving of your desires, just as you are. 


...install a rock-solid belief that you are 100% worthy of your desires, just as you are , letting go of the need for external validation.


...transform confusion, overwhelm, and fear of making mistakes into crystal-clear clarity, confidence, and resolute decisiveness, because guess what, that's what makes you magnetic towards your goals.


On top of it, I will keep you accountable and support you in following through.

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What's included in this 3-month program:

  • A 45-minute kick-off session where we dive deep into your current situation, your desired destination, how you want to feel, and the tangible changes you're ready to manifest. We'll create an aligned action plan and start working towards it from day one.

  • Two 60-minute sessions per month, for a total of six sessions. These sessions are dedicated to your growth, breakthroughs, and progress. We'll tackle any challenges that arise, celebrate your victories, and ensure you're consistently moving forward.

  • Access to me via a private messenger app four days a week. Need to ask questions, share celebrations, or seek support between sessions? I'm just a message away. My clients absolutely adore the convenience of voice note coaching, which adds an extra level of personalised support and activates breakthroughs like never before.

  • Exclusive access to client-only resources. Don't worry, I won't overwhelm you with an avalanche of recordings during our first session. Instead, we'll focus on your specific priorities and address what truly matters to you. You'll receive resources tailored to your needs, helping you navigate your journey without adding unnecessary overwhelm.

  • Personalized hypnosis, EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), and so much more. As a certified clinical hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner, and multifaceted coach, I bring a wide range of powerful modalities to our sessions. These techniques will empower you to release limiting beliefs, reprogram your subconscious mind, and create lasting transformations.

Are you ready to make yourself a priority, unleash your full potential, and experience the life you've always dreamed of?

Take the first step towards your transformation by booking a 20-minute connection call (book here). This call is our opportunity to connect, discuss your needs, and determine if we're the perfect match for each other. We'll explore if this coaching package aligns with your goals and aspirations.

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All prices are listed in GBP (British Pounds), and for your ease, I also offer the option to pay in USD (US Dollars). To inquire about prices in USD or discuss the most suitable payment plan for your needs, reach out to me directly.

Investment Choices:

Full Payment Option: £2222.00 GBP

Payment plans: Starting from £555.00 GBP

Ready to unlock your next level? 

Contact me today for USD pricing or to explore tailored payment options that align perfectly with your preferences.

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I know you've probably used all the classic excuses (aka fears) at some point:

"I just don't have the time right now..." 

"My to-do list is never-ending..." 

"I'll wait for things to settle down..." 

"I'm not ready yet..." 

"I shouldn't invest in myself..." 

"I'm just not cut out for this..." 

"Maybe this isn't meant for me..."


But here's the truth: the perfect time will never magically appear, your to-do list will keep growing, and you'll never feel 100% ready. It's time to break free from those self-imposed limitations.

Investing in yourself is hands down the most crucial investment you can make. It's time to prioritise your growth, happiness, and success.


That's why I've crafted a three-month program specifically designed to help you step into your full potential, share your unique gifts with the world, conquer fear, anxiety, and insecurities, and embody the unstoppable woman within you. With my unwavering support, a safe space to explore, and access to exclusive resources, together we'll co-create the life of your dreams.

What my clients say
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Hi, I am  Stepanka! 

I am an intuitive hypnotherapist, mindset and energy alchemist. My intuition is mu biggest gift when coaching and supporting my clients!


I specialise in empowering spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers and creatives to break free from self-sabotage tendencies such as procrastination, fear, insecurities, lack of follow-through, repetitive patterns, and upper limit challenges. Together, we unlock their true potential and empower them to their next levels of abundance, confidence, authenticity, and aligned action in all areas of life, business, and career.


As a clinical hypnotherapist, coach, certified EFT (tapping) practitioner and energy healer, I bring a comprehensive skill set to our journey. I have extensively studied and gained qualifications in various modalities, enabling me to create a unique approach that focuses on energy, emotions and subconscious mind reprogramming. Together, we’ll shatter that glass ceiling in your business, career, and personal life. 


My greatest gift is to see what you may not see yourself. I'll serve your trusty guide in uncovering sneaky blind spots and eliminating unhelpful patterns, stories, and limitations FAST, so that we can give you as quickest transformation as possible.


Think of me as your personal BS ninja detector, cutting through the noise and getting to the core of what's been holding you back.

What my clients say

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is this 1-2-1 program suitable for all types of business owners? Is it for beginners or seasoned entrepreneurs? Is it specific to a particular niche? I work with a wide range of business owners. Whether you're just starting out and juggling a full or part-time job while building your dream business, or you're a seasoned entrepreneur with a wealth of experience, this program is tailored to meet your needs. I work with clients from various industries, including artists, online coaches, fellow hypnotherapists, healers, Chinese medicine doctors, writers, lawyers, brick and mortar business owners, dance school owners, copywriters, and more. This program is all about empowering you, regardless of your business background or niche.

How does this differ from your other offers such as accountability coaching, Emotional Alchemy, and your journaling course? This program stands as my most immersive offering. It provides extensive care, steadfast support, and unmatched access to me. It's undoubtedly my favorite way to work with clients. The transformations witnessed have been astounding, often leading to the formation of long-term relationships. Witnessing their growth brings immense joy to my heart.

Do you offer refunds? Absolutely, your satisfaction is a priority for me. If, within the first two weeks, you discover that the 1-to-1 coaching and hypnotherapy package isn't aligning with your expectations or needs, I'm more than happy to provide a full refund. Your journey matters, and I want to ensure that we're the right fit for each other. To make sure we're on the same page, I also arrange a Zoom call before you commit to the program.

How do we communicate between sessions? You mention a private messenger app, what is it? For seamless communication away from the distractions of social media, I employ a free app called Signal. This allows us to maintain focused and meaningful discussions. My clients find immense value in this support between sessions, enabling them to stay accountable and on track. With laser-focused coaching, you'll have access to me via the private messenger app four days a week. Whether you have queries, celebrations, or require support, I'm just a message away. Many of my clients cherish the convenience of voice note coaching, an extra layer of personalized support that sparks breakthroughs like never before.

Can you guarantee results? While I've had the privilege of supporting numerous clients since my qualification as a clinical hypnotherapist, guaranteeing specific outcomes is beyond my scope. What I can assure you of is my unwavering commitment. I pledge to show up wholeheartedly, uphold my promises, and offer my best. Your results are a partnership between your efforts, your commitment, and my guidance. Every journey is unique, and I've celebrated countless successes with my clients. What I can confidently say is that I invest my heart and soul into my work, dedicated to teaching and guiding you.

I live in a different timezone, does it impact our work together? Absolutely not. I collaborate with clients from every corner of the globe, encompassing diverse timezones. Geographic differences have never hindered our work. With a commitment to flexibility and adaptability, I ensure our collaboration maintains its potency and effectiveness. To facilitate scheduling across timezones, I employ digital scheduling software. This empowers you to effortlessly book sessions while viewing the available times in your own timezone.

What if I can't be hypnotized? Rest assured, the idea that some people can't be hypnotized is a common misconception. Hypnosis is a natural state that we all experience in various forms, like daydreaming or being engrossed in a book. It's not about control, but cooperation between you and the hypnotherapist. In fact, most individuals can achieve a state of hypnosis. Through my guidance and expertise, we'll work together to harness this incredible tool for your personal growth and transformation.

What is hypnosis, and how does it work? Hypnosis is a state of relaxed and focused attention that you've experienced countless times before, often without even realizing it. In this state, your mind becomes more receptive to positive suggestions and insights - a powerful tool we can utilize for your growth and success. Contrary to its portrayal in media (remember Krystal Carrington?), hypnosis isn't mind control. Instead, it empowers you to tap into your inner resources, reshaping thought patterns, behaviors, and beliefs. It's a collaborative journey where you're always in control, while I guide you towards your desired outcomes. Hypnosis is something I discovered as a teenager, helping me overcome health challenges, and it continues to be a valued support in my life, much like it's been for my clients.

What is EFT, you mentioned it above? EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique, is a remarkably effective energy psychology tool - and let me tell you, my clients absolutely rave about the quick results they experience with it. EFT involves gently tapping on specific acupressure points while focusing on an issue you want to address, whether it's emotional hurdles, physical discomfort, or even deep-rooted limiting beliefs. This practice helps release energy blockages, rewiring neural pathways for emotional relief and profound positive shifts. EFT is versatile and powerful, making it a go-to technique to tackle a range of challenges, from anxiety and fears to abundance blocks and self-esteem issues.

(Please note that my hypnotherapy and coaching work is not intended to replace psychiatric or medical care.)

What my clients say
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