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Emotional Alchemy

Emotional Alchemy

4 weeks to emotional intelligence, feminine power and inner radiance

The feminine is meant to flow,
like waves in the ocean,
her chest opens like a seashell,
the pearl inside now glows.

The feminine is meant to change, 
her emotions fluctuate, 
Like weather, she is never stagnant,
as her hips undulate, her feelings rearrange.

Her fluidity is magnetic,
she is kind, but not a good girl.
She is a woman who knows herself,
her words are powerful and poetic. 
Emotional Alchemy is for you if you are ready to…

...stop sabotaging your own happiness and success, for it is a hidden protection mechanism
...tap into your inner glow and natural radiance which is a byproduct of being in touch with your emotions 
...deepen your intuition, as you will understand how to navigate your emotions, process them and decode their constructive and supportive messages
...become an incredible communicator, because you will learn how to navigate any scenario and communicate your needs and desires with confidence
...drop all unhelpful ‘protection’ mechanism that have been keeping you small and from progressing faster
...have a more profound experience of life
...stop bottling up your emotions and be true to yourself 
...reconnect with your body on deeper level and learn to trust it
Coffee on Table
Grab a cup of tea, pour yourself a glass of wine… take a deep breath.
This is not your usual web page promoting a program. 

Every word, picture and video have been handpicked to activate you to your next you soften… and reconnect with your heart…

If you join the Emotional Alchemy Program...I will be celebrating…
If you are reading this page then I know that you are already part of this movement… and I will be celebrating too.
You will even find my own poetry
woven into those pages…
Welcome to the home of Emotional Alchemy, a 4-week program,
that will help you become the woman you are meant to be. 

Emotional Alchemy is a concept that I have developed over the years, infused it with love, personal experience and my professional expertise. 
This sacred offering is designed to help you return back to yourself, your beautiful expansive feminine nature and abundant radiance. 
This program has changed my life and the lives of my clients and the next round will be even more next level. 
I believe that you can have it all…
Start Date: 24th November

Emotional Intelligence
+ Magnetic Radiance + Inner Alchemy

What is included in this powerful transformation?

  • 7 Emotional Alchemy Modules ( 70-120 min long)

  • 8+ powerful recorded hypnosis & meditation techniques 

  • Beautiful workbooks that will help you to dive deeper and anchor your inner transformation

  • Access to a private Facebook Sisterhood

  • Safe space to ask question and get support

  • Access to all materials even after the program ends

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS - keep reading to find out more, this masterclass will be epic

In the next 4 weeks, you will step back into your feminine power, overcome feelings of overwhelm, guilt, shame and understand your emotions on a deeper level and you will learn to express them in a very powerful and healing way.



Many of us choose to bypass the full range of our emotions

and therefore the full human experience with it.

However, your capacity to hold emotions such as sadness, frustration, anger and rage equals your capacity to experience and enjoy joy, happiness, pleasure and deep sense of appreciation.

Are you ready to explore the untapped potential of your emotions, become emotionally intelligent and use it to improve your life,

become a better manifestor and powerful communicator?

This is what will be covered
in the modules…
  • Energy: feminine energy and feminine nature of emotions
  • Re-learning: you will learn to understand your emotions like never before
  • Embody the inner alchemist and process emotions safely: how to navigate all of your emotions in an empowered and healing way
  • Navigating emotional storms: support yourself without dropping your vibe and suppressing your feelings 
  • Embodiment: sensuality and tapping into the power of your body
  • Increase your capacity to receive: help you body feel safe and normalise receiving more
  • Incredible tools: emotional freedom technique, hypnosis and other tools that will support you
  • Powerful communication techniques 
  • Manifestation: how you can use the power of your emotions in order to magnetise your desires towards you 
  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: Emotional Alchemy For The Cyclical Woman - learn to navigate your menstrual cycle with ease, confidence and utilise the superpowers of each phase of your cycle

Reclaim the power of your heart & your feminine radiance.

You know you are ready…


  • To follow through on your goals and dreams, quit procrastinating and trust yourself.


Did you know that many of us struggle with procrastination not because we have poor time management skills, but because unconsciously we are not sure whether we could handle both the good that comes with achieving our goals, but also the chance of potentially failing at something? So we try to protect ourselves by ‘getting stuck’ and not moving forward or following through on things. 


  • To learn incredible tools and techniques that will help you to process emotions in a safe and healing way and face the challenges of life. 


Without suppressing your emotions, erupting like a volcano, feeling an extreme emotional overwhelm AND without having to bite your tongue. 


  • Talking of biting your tongue. You will also learn how to communicate your emotions with confidence, clarity and in a way that will bring you closer with other people. 


Words wound. Yes, a lot of trauma and hurt is caused by words… When emotions run high, our intelligence is low and we end up ‘losing it’ when it matters the most. We will cover both your inner dialogue and communication techniques to use with others. 


  • To finally feel safe in your body and in life - many of us spend most of our time stuck in stress and survival state rather than in a soft receptive energy which is what allows us to be in flow state. 


When you are in touch with your body and your emotions, you will be able to recognise with ease whenever you are holding onto emotions that don’t serve you. 


  • To start manifesting your desires with a lot more ease.


Your emotions hold so much power, It's about time you started utilising it.

  • To take all of your relationships to the next level. 


Because you will take full responsibility for your emotions and process them in a healthy way as well as you will become confident with managing difficult scenarios.  


  • To unleash your next level radiance and magnetism.

You are made of stardust. Stars are in your DNA, so it is about time you started shining and owning your beauty, softness and your natural ability to be magnetic.

Meet your guide Stepanka


Clinical hypnotherapist, Guide for Women,

Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Angelic Reiki Practitioner

Stepanka Kuralova is on a mission to help other women to master emotional intelligence and embody their inner glow, because she has seen how much it changed first her own life and then the lives of her clients. 

She guides soul-centered women to follow their deeper callings, become unstoppable, empowered and stop being held back by fears, insecurities and anxiety.
She helps them to become the most magnetic

and glowing version of themselves. 
She believes that it all starts with YOU, you are the most powerful influence in your life and have the power within to turn things around. 

Avoiding 'negative' emotions..?

Many of us fear and avoid ‘negative’ emotions, because we don’t want to be called ‘Debbie Downer’, burden other people and mostly because we have been told that by focusing on negative emotions or speaking about them, we end up attracting more of that negative energy…

So we bottle up our emotions, bite our lips, hold back and push down our
feelings, however, this is when they end up having more power over us.

Suppressing your emotions can be harmful to
your emotional and physical health.
Suppressing emotions = suppressing your intuition
Suppressing your emotions = suppressing your
inner radiance 
Suppressing the ‘negative’ emotions = suppressing also
the good feeling ones

Acting on your emotions..?

Have you ever been told to never act on your emotions, because you could make unaligned decisions, but at the same time been also told

that emotions help us manifest our desires quicker? 


In contrast to the popular belief that you should never act on your emotions

and rely solely on your intellect, I believe something different. I believe that some of the most incredible achievements, ideas, projects and life experiences were fueled by passion…love...anger...sadness...grief...excitement.

...and if they were fuelled purely by intellect, they would be nowhere near as epic…


What truly matters is HOW you act on your feelings...

Which is what you will master within Emotional Alchemy. You can respond to emotions in a destructive way, taking it out on others, taking it out on yourself and/or suppressing your voice... 



You can let your emotions support you, guide you and make your experience

of life more meaningful an profound,

There is POWER

in your emotions.


in your emotions. 

There is HEALING

in your emotions.

Sign up fro EA

Your Investment

The next live round of Emotional Alchemy starts on 24th November. 

7 modules that will be delivered over 4 weeks. 
Each module will take place at 7 pm GMT on Thursday and Sunday evenings
- 2 modules per week. 

Early Bird Price - Payment in GBP
One time payment: £297.00
Two monthly payments of £162.00
Three monthly payments of £111.00
Early Bird prices ends on 21st November.

Once you purchase the program you will be taken onto
a new page with welcome information. 


‘‘a process that is so effective that it seems like magic.’’

Bonus Masterclass : Emotional Alchemy for the Cyclical Woman


Fun and educational masterclass that will help you navigate your monthly menstrual cycle and all the emotions that come with it. 


  • Topics that will be covered: superpowers and weaknesses of each phase, practical tips on how to navigate your emotional lows and highs, planning based on the 4 energies that you embody each month and fun techniques that you can start utilising to make most out of your cycle. 

This masterclass will deepen your understanding of Emotional Alchemy and will put all the teachings from this program into a new perspective. 


A woman goes through 4 main phases during the menstrual cycle, which are connected to the four seasons of the Earth and 4 female archetypes. By understanding the individual phases, you can start supporting yourself on a whole new level. 


Disclaimer: This masterclass is not meant as medical advice or guidance, it is not designed to fix any hormonal or physiological problems, but to support your emotional health as you move through the four phases of your cycle. Stepanka Kuralova is not a doctor and if you have any concerns about your cycle, please contact your doctor. 


The bonus module will be delivered after Christmas - date will be confirmed.

This is what my clients say

andrea fotka.jpg

Andrea, England,

United Kingdom

Working with Stepanka and her program was a very important step in my life. It helped me to align myself with my vision,

my work & my inner being  that was calling me to let go of my insecurities & to shine! 

There is so much power & transformation in this program & the support I received from Stepanka was amazing. 
She is so intelligent & loving, it helped me to acknowledge my worth & face different challenges. 
 I feel empowered & inspired to go for more in life! 
I have more energy, my body feels great & I let myself be connected to my soul callings, I attracted the work I love, 
& even met a potential partner! 

I have more clients now, I'm not afraid of receiving money.

I'm now able to help a big group of women & share my wisdom.
Thank you so much for this Stepanka, for being you & following your calling, for being part of this world. 

Jane, Indiana, USA

The first thing that may catch your attention when you start to follow Stepanka and her work is how beautiful and sweet she is.


As you learn more about her,

you will realize that she is all of that but so much more as well!


Stepanka is one of the wisest, more dedicated, and capable women

I have ever had the honor to encounter in this lifetime.


Thank you for all your guidance and kindness!


Ramona, Illinois, USA

The number 1 reason I love working with Stepanka is because she always over delivers. I can feel her kind energy and the fact that she pours her heart into her work. She really cares about her clients and that is huge.


I loved the Emotional Alchemy Program because it included great hypnosis, and Stepanka's coaching was full of storytelling and examples, which made it easier to relate to the information provided and it also helped with the integration of the work.


This programs has a great balance between theory and practice.


Stepanka, I know that you and I will have a long journey of working together because of how creative, intelligent, honest and kind you are.

Ivett, England,

United Kingdom

I would highly recommend to anyone to choose yourself and start working with Stepanka. This work is not always easy. It can be very hard.


And working with her you will have the gentle hand and heart to guide and support you so you can come out of the storm stronger.

That's what I experienced and I'm forever thankful for it. With Stepanka's help, I have learned a lot about myself.


About my desires and that I'm capable and worthy of achieving them. I learnt this not by her only saying it. She also made me experience it and work on it. This is an extremely powerful combination. Thank you.


Stepanka is an expert at what she does. We have been working together for almost 6 months now and we went from ‘fixing’ urgent problems to recognising and building my long-term vision.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective and it is such a down-to-earth approach and I love it. Stepanka also knows what to say and when.

The first half of 2019 was awful, and I did not think I was going to get through it. So many things happened in my personal life and this made me seek help and support and that is when I started working with Stepanka.

Looking back, I am grateful for all that happened in my life that year, as working with Stepanka has been the best decision I have ever made. I love the fact that the sessions are online, as I can do it from the comfort of my home.


I am feeling so supported and truly seen. Now I feel I could truly do anything, even run for president !


Kate, Prague,

Czech Republic

Stepanka's Emotional Alchemy program unlocked things about my inner abilities I didn't know I had. It is designed to dig deeper and ask important questions.

Her beautiful hypnosis and meditation techniques were essential in calming my mind and helping me get in touch with my intuition.


I use it daily to help me set my emotional scale for the day. I have a better understanding of my emotions in relation to myself and others.


It was a blessing to stumble upon Stepanka and her teachings,


I highly recommend to every woman that's ever been overwhelmed by her own emotions and feelings.


Ulia, Ontario, Canada

Before I started hypnotherapy with Stepanka I was at a very low point. I couldn’t stop focusing on what I didn’t like about myself, my failures, my losses, and felt trapped by my own thoughts.


After a few sessions, I immediately started to feel a renewed sense of self- I was more aware of my thoughts, and quickly began to recognize the negative thought patterns that had been holding me back.


Stepanka was so encouraging, motivating, and helped me to see things clearly for what they were- she helped me to establish new thought patterns through hypnosis sessions, talking things through, and by providing all the extra support I needed.


She is an excellent guide and I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her. I would highly recommend her services, she truly has changed the course of my life for the better.


Bailey, British Columbia, Canada

More love from clients 

screen shots.jpg

Are you ready to reclaim your feminine power

& emotional intelligence ? 

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