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Emotional Alchemy

Emotional Alchemy

Unlock the Power of Mastering Emotions: Uncover the tools and techniques that will put an end to self-sabotage, limiting patterns and the emotional rollercoaster that impacts your personal growth, business success, and relationships.

Does this sounds familiar?

  • Do you find yourself having those "let's just burn it all down" and "what's the point, really?" kind of moments when your emotions, fears, and, let's get real, some good old self-sabotage decide to party?


  • Stress, the typical ebbs and flows of your business, career, or relationships, seem to easily throw you off balance, take the wind out of your sails and stop your momentum, making you question your skills, direction and abilities. What started as a great day turned into a total write-off…


  • Do you ever feel like your momentum and powerful, confident mindset are constantly hitting the brakes, just like a car that keeps starting and stopping, every time you encounter an unexpected challenge or deal with an unhappy student, customer, or client?


  • Are you procrastinating, struggling to follow through on your brilliant ideas and projects, despite having the skills to manage tasks and stay organised? The thing is procrastination is tied to our emotions and deeper fears, it is not the lack of your organisation skills, it goes deeper. 


  • Are you caught in the avoidance trap, constantly sidestepping uncomfortable situations? Whether it's avoiding that tough conversation with a client, employee, or your partner, neglecting to open those intimidating tax letters or credit card statements, or turning a blind eye to financial issues in your business, you'd rather do anything else, from cleaning the house to running a marathon.


  • Do you find yourself easily triggered by those seemingly small significant moments? Like when someone asks for a feedback form, and you immediately suspect they're dissatisfied? Do you often catch yourself envisioning worst-case scenarios, letting them drain your energy and influence your actions?


  • Do you find yourself pushing away abundance and having those "too good to be true" moments far too often? Imagine a scenario where a new client pays in full or unexpected abundance flows into your life. While you may initially feel excited and grateful, you quickly imagine it all being taken away – the client asking for a refund, dissatisfaction arising, or the unexpected bonus turning into a mistake.


  • Do you find yourself caught in unhelpful defense mechanisms like avoidance tendencies, dissociation, venting, or distracting yourself with endless scrolling, an occasional glass of wine, or emotional eating?


  • Do your emotions often get the best of you, impacting your productivity, motivation, communication skills, and ability to see things clearly?


  • You're no newbie in the manifestation and law of attraction world, but you still fear that by feeling 'negative' emotions, you might attract something bad or more of those feelings. It can also be confusing to figure out how to be authentic while acknowledging where you really are and how to use emotions to manifest.


  • You avoid negative emotions, because you don't want to be labelled a 'Debbie Downer' or burden others, you often deny yourself the permission to take up space when you're upset.

Golden Symbol.png
Suppressing your emotions = suppressing your intuition
Suppressing your emotions = suppressing your inner radiance 
Suppressing the ‘negative’ emotions = suppressing also
the good feeling ones


…you've got emotional resilience that puts an end to the habit of subconsciously sidelining your dreams. You trust yourself to deal with whatever comes your way. This newfound confidence allows you to embrace anything from public speaking opportunities, pursue those once-dreamed projects, and take on healthy risks with ease.'ve acquired the tools to safely navigate through uncomfortable emotions, heal, work through triggers (because they always come), so you no longer allow that difficult customer, internet troll or system error take over your day've let go of unhelpful coping mechanisms such as denial, avoidance tendencies, numbing and distracting yourself, so you can finally get on with that project and get it out into the world, cross things off your to-do list and be productive.


…you've also conquered procrastination because you've realised that staying stuck is a way to protect yourself from potential failure and the fear of success – it all boils down to your emotions.


…you're in touch with your intuition, skilled at understanding the messages your emotions convey, and using this insight to gain clarity in your life and make informed decisions that propel you forward.


…you can communicate with clarity and be a strong leader, even in emotionally charged situations. You understand the impact of your words, and you confidently navigate both business and personal relationships, free from the fear of losing control.


…you recognize that when emotions run high, our judgement can be clouded. You've mastered the art of processing emotions without letting them hinder your success in business, career, and relationships. You've fully embraced responsibility for your life and emotions, avoiding suppression, self-censorship, or emotional outbursts at inconvenient times.


…you're in sync with your emotions, letting them flow naturally, and that's when your inner radiance and magnetic charm shine through effortlessly, making your life truly vibrant.


…you follow through on your plans and goals without procrastination, realising that it was just a self-protective mechanism shielding you from the fear of failure.


…you manifest your desires effortlessly because you've mastered the art of using your emotions to your advantage, you sustain your energy,  embody your next level and can FINALLY sustain it long term. 


…you've expanded your capacity to hold and experience joy, abundance, happiness, and calmness by increasing your ability to receive. You've softened, embraced your feminine energy, and learned to trust in the process.


‘‘a process that is so effective that it seems like magic.’’

Welcome to Emotional Alchemy, a 5-week transformative program designed for self-led women who are ready to transmute their emotions and turn their wounds, triggers, and challenges into gold.  

This concept has been nurtured and developed over many years. It's the result of my experience as a hypnotherapist, coach, Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner, and a fellow human who has faced her fair share of ups and downs, including health challenges, complex relationships, trauma, and anxiety. 


I also understand the demands of running your own business. Moreover, it's based on my extensive work with clients from all corners of the world. These clients, despite being intelligent, ambitious, and compassionate women with grand visions and deep desires, often find their emotions getting in the way, disrupting their progress, leading to self-sabotage, and causing them to hold back.


This program and the principles it encompasses have transformed my life and the lives of countless others. I've run this program four times before, and some of my clients have loved it so much that they've enrolled in it repeatedly.

Pastel Gradient
The feminine is meant to flow,
like waves in the ocean,
her chest opens like a seashell,
the pearl inside now glows.

The feminine is meant to change, 
her emotions fluctuate, 
Like weather, she is never stagnant,
as her hips undulate, her feelings rearrange.

Her fluidity is magnetic,
she is kind, but not a good girl.
She is a woman who knows herself,
her words are powerful and poetic. 
During this program, I will guide you through the Emotional Alchemy Solution, including my 4-step process to alchemising any emotions:

  • Energy: Emotions are the feminine energy in motion, and you'll discover how to work with, process, and harness this energy for your personal growth. You'll learn to use your emotions as a source of motivation.

  • Re-learning: Many of the things you've been told about emotions are simply not accurate. In this program, I'll help you completely reframe your understanding of emotions, offering you a fresh perspective.

  • Practical Tools: You'll gain access to practical techniques that you can use in the moment, even in social situations. Additionally, you'll have access to valuable hypnosis recordings and pre-recorded tools that you can download and use indefinitely.

  • Communication Techniques: I'll provide you with easy-to-follow yet highly transformative communication tools. These techniques can turn challenging situations into empowered conversations, enhancing your relationships.

  • Embodiment: You'll reconnect with your body, fostering a deeper sense of receptivity and creating a profound feeling of safety and peace within yourself. We'll move beyond the realm of the mind in this exploration.

  • Manifestation: We'll address the questions and misconceptions surrounding emotions and manifestation. Is it true that "negative" emotions attract more negativity? How can you authentically express your feelings without getting trapped in them? I'll show you how to use your emotions to accelerate your manifestation process.

  • BONUS MASTERCLASS: Emotional Alchemy For The Cyclical Woman - learn to navigate your menstrual cycle with ease, confidence and utilise the superpowers of each phase of your cycle

Reclaim the power of your heart & your feminine radiance.

your emotions
is the missing key to manifesting what you want

Why this offer is different and life-changing…


  • In 5 weeks, you will reclaim the power of your emotions, embrace your feminine energy, ignite your inner magnetism and learn tools that will help you grow your career, business and nourish your relationships. 

  • This program stands out for its dual focus on both the energetic and the practical. We delve into the profound energetics of emotions while providing you with tangible tools that yield immediate impact. We address not only the realm of your mind but also the wisdom of your body and nervous system.

  • Unlike programs that remain trapped in theory, Emotional Alchemy goes beyond. Each module is thoughtfully designed to be not just easily understood but also effortlessly remembered and applied. You'll gain access to invaluable recordings and supplementary resources, anchoring these transformative changes as a permanent part of your life.

  • Past clients who've experienced Emotional Alchemy often return to these modules repeatedly, each time uncovering new layers of understanding and growth. This is precisely how I've designed it—to ensure that you continuously receive what you need most at any given moment, making your journey with us uniquely tailored.

Emotional Intelligence
+ Magnetic Radiance + Inner Alchemy

Are you a business owner? I have a special message for you and how this program applies to your business too:


Emotional intelligence is the ultimate superpower for catapulting your business success, establishing you as a remarkable leader and expert. Sadly, many business owners are stuck in emotional patterns that resemble toddler tantrums – blaming others, playing the victim, or airing their grievances on social media.

You might be putting in the work, executing strategies, and hustling hard, yet still not seeing the progress you desire. The missing link could very well be your emotional intelligence.


Imagine this: being unfazed by numbers but leveraging them to your advantage, not taking things personally, having the courage to take risks and face rejection head-on, and, most importantly, regaining your power instead of giving it away to external factors.

Emotional intelligence is the secret sauce that can turn your business around, and it's a game-changer that often goes unnoticed.

This is what's included:

  • 10 Emotional Alchemy Modules (each averaging 45-60 minutes)

  • 8+ potent recordings, including hypnosis and meditations

  • Beautifully crafted workbooks for deeper exploration, additional tools, and anchoring your transformation

  • A 90-minute group coaching & manifestation circle session, where you can receive coaching, ask questions, and learn a special manifestation technique harnessing the power of your emotions

  • Access to a private Facebook group for asking questions, seeking support, and connecting with other amazing women

  • A full year of access to all program materials, with most of them available for easy download and storage on your electronic devices


Unlock a 5-part audio series that takes the principles you've learned in the Emotional Alchemy program and applies them to your menstrual cycle. This bonus resource, available after completing the previous modules, aims to deepen your knowledge and offer a fresh perspective.

In this mini-course, we'll delve into the following topics:

  • Discover the superpowers and weaknesses associated with each menstrual cycle phase.

  • Gain practical tips for effectively managing emotional fluctuations throughout your cycle.

  • Learn planning strategies based on the unique energies you experience each month.

  • Explore fun techniques to make the most of each phase.

  • This mini-course will elevate your grasp of Emotional Alchemy concepts, helping you integrate them into your life with a renewed perspective.

Throughout a woman's menstrual cycle, she encounters four primary phases, each linked to the Earth's seasons and corresponding female archetypes. By understanding these phases, you can elevate your self-support to a whole new level.

Disclaimer: This mini-course is not intended as medical advice or guidance, nor is it meant to address hormonal or physiological concerns. Its purpose is to support your emotional well-being as you navigate the four phases of your cycle. Please be aware that Stepanka Kuralova is not a medical doctor, and if you have concerns regarding your menstrual cycle, it's essential to consult with a healthcare professional.​


Hi, I am  Stepanka


I am an intuitive hypnotherapist, mindset and energy alchemist. My intuition is my biggest gift when coaching and supporting my clients!

I specialise in empowering spiritual entrepreneurs, lightworkers and creatives to break free from self-sabotage tendencies such as procrastination, fear, insecurities, lack of follow-through, repetitive patterns, and upper limit challenges. Together, we unlock their true potential and empower them to their next levels of abundance, confidence, authenticity, and aligned action in all areas of life, business, and career.


As a clinical hypnotherapist, coach, certified EFT (tapping) practitioner and energy healer, I bring a comprehensive skill set to our journey. I have extensively studied and gained qualifications in various modalities, enabling me to create a unique approach that focuses on energy, emotions and subconscious mind reprogramming. Together, we’ll shatter that glass ceiling in your business, career, and personal life.

Sign up fro EA

Your Investment

Tier 1:

  • Access to all the features mentioned above

  • Price: $444.00

Tier 2:

  • Access to all the features mentioned above

  • 2X private hypnocoaching sessions with me, to accelerate your growth, tailored to meet you where you are and help you release deep emotional blocks, enabling you to accelerate your progress and achieve your next-level goals.

  • EXTRA: Personalized resources provided after each coaching session.

  • Price: $777.00

Program Details:

  • Start Date: October 23rd

  • End Date: November 30th


Over the span of 5 weeks, you'll receive two transformative audio modules every week: one on Monday and another on Thursday. To accommodate participants from various time zones, our group coaching call will be thoughtfully scheduled towards the end of the program, with a date and time chosen to suit everyone's needs.

My Guarantee

I want you to be completely satisfied with your purchase. If, within the first 2 weeks, you feel that this program is not the right fit for you, you will be eligible for a full refund. Your satisfaction is my priority.


‘‘a process that is so effective that it seems like magic.’’

There is POWER

in your emotions.


in your emotions. 

There is HEALING

in your emotions.

This is what my clients say

andrea fotka.jpg

Andrea, England,

United Kingdom

Working with Stepanka and her program was a very important step in my life. It helped me to align myself with my vision,

my work & my inner being  that was calling me to let go of my insecurities & to shine! 

There is so much power & transformation in this program & the support I received from Stepanka was amazing. 
She is so intelligent & loving, it helped me to acknowledge my worth & face different challenges. 
 I feel empowered & inspired to go for more in life! 
I have more energy, my body feels great & I let myself be connected to my soul callings, I attracted the work I love, 
& even met a potential partner! 

I have more clients now, I'm not afraid of receiving money.

I'm now able to help a big group of women & share my wisdom.
Thank you so much for this Stepanka, for being you & following your calling, for being part of this world. 

Jane, Indiana, USA

The first thing that may catch your attention when you start to follow Stepanka and her work is how beautiful and sweet she is.


As you learn more about her,

you will realize that she is all of that but so much more as well!


Stepanka is one of the wisest, more dedicated, and capable women

I have ever had the honor to encounter in this lifetime.


Thank you for all your guidance and kindness!


Ramona, Illinois, USA

The number 1 reason I love working with Stepanka is because she always over delivers. I can feel her kind energy and the fact that she pours her heart into her work. She really cares about her clients and that is huge.


I loved the Emotional Alchemy Program because it included great hypnosis, and Stepanka's coaching was full of storytelling and examples, which made it easier to relate to the information provided and it also helped with the integration of the work.


This programs has a great balance between theory and practice.


Stepanka, I know that you and I will have a long journey of working together because of how creative, intelligent, honest and kind you are.


Ivett, England,

United Kingdom

I would highly recommend to anyone to choose yourself and start working with Stepanka. This work is not always easy. It can be very hard.


And working with her you will have the gentle hand and heart to guide and support you so you can come out of the storm stronger.

That's what I experienced and I'm forever thankful for it. With Stepanka's help, I have learned a lot about myself.


About my desires and that I'm capable and worthy of achieving them. I learnt this not by her only saying it. She also made me experience it and work on it. This is an extremely powerful combination. Thank you.


Stepanka is an expert at what she does. We have been working together for almost 6 months now and we went from ‘fixing’ urgent problems to recognising and building my long-term vision.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective and it is such a down-to-earth approach and I love it. Stepanka also knows what to say and when.

The first half of 2019 was awful, and I did not think I was going to get through it. So many things happened in my personal life and this made me seek help and support and that is when I started working with Stepanka.

Looking back, I am grateful for all that happened in my life that year, as working with Stepanka has been the best decision I have ever made. I love the fact that the sessions are online, as I can do it from the comfort of my home.


I am feeling so supported and truly seen. Now I feel I could truly do anything, even run for president !


Kate, Prague,

Czech Republic

Stepanka's Emotional Alchemy program unlocked things about my inner abilities I didn't know I had. It is designed to dig deeper and ask important questions.

Her beautiful hypnosis and meditation techniques were essential in calming my mind and helping me get in touch with my intuition.


I use it daily to help me set my emotional scale for the day. I have a better understanding of my emotions in relation to myself and others.


It was a blessing to stumble upon Stepanka and her teachings,


I highly recommend to every woman that's ever been overwhelmed by her own emotions and feelings.

Ulia, Ontario, Canada

Before I started hypnotherapy with Stepanka I was at a very low point. I couldn’t stop focusing on what I didn’t like about myself, my failures, my losses, and felt trapped by my own thoughts.


After a few sessions, I immediately started to feel a renewed sense of self- I was more aware of my thoughts, and quickly began to recognize the negative thought patterns that had been holding me back.


Stepanka was so encouraging, motivating, and helped me to see things clearly for what they were- she helped me to establish new thought patterns through hypnosis sessions, talking things through, and by providing all the extra support I needed.


She is an excellent guide and I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her. I would highly recommend her services, she truly has changed the course of my life for the better.


Bailey, British Columbia, Canada

More love from clients 

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