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From Bricks to Dreams: Unleashing the Power of Bold Visioning and Manifestation Rituals

One gloomy afternoon, I found myself sitting in the College library, surrounded by piles of books related to marketing, economics, event management, or some other subject I can't quite recall. As my eyes wandered, I felt a magnetic pull towards the section labelled "Psychology & Wellbeing Studies."

Curiosity got the best of me, and I began skimming through the books, my fingers lightly grazing their spines, hoping to stumble upon a gem that would captivate my interest. Within moments, a stack of books on psychology and wellbeing grew next to my much smaller collection of business and marketing materials.

Amongst them, I discovered a large book that delved into the realms of Eastern philosophy, wellbeing, and emotional health. Its pages were adorned with breath-taking images, poignant poems, inspiring stories, and practical tools. As I leafed through, my attention was instantly captured by a short story that beckoned me to dive in:

"A man passed by what appeared to be a bustling building site. From a distance, he spotted three builders, each diligently laying bricks at different parts of the site. Curiosity piqued, he approached the first builder and asked, 'What are you doing?' Without hesitation, the builder replied, 'I am laying down bricks.' The man continued his journey and approached the second builder, posing the same question. This time, the response differed, 'I am building a wall.' Intrigued, the man proceeded further and encountered the third builder. He eagerly inquired, 'And what are you doing?' The builder's eyes gleamed with pride as he exclaimed, 'I am building a beautiful large house.'"

Have you heard this story before?

  • Yes, I have!

  • No, this was the first time. I love it!

How a Simple Story Can Transform Your Life

This story's lesson may seem simple and obvious, but therein lies its power. In just a few sentences, an ancient truth is unveiled, reminding us of the importance of seeing beyond the immediate and embracing the grander scope of our existence.

When life feels challenging, when our projects stagnate, or when we face relationship difficulties or entrepreneurial uncertainties, it becomes all too easy to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Yet, it is precisely in those moments that we must lean into our vision, allowing it to permeate our perspective and breathe new life into our endeavours. By doing so, the current obstacles appear smaller, more manageable, and we find the strength to persevere.

That story struck a chord within me, causing me to pause in my tracks. I set aside the other books, allowing myself to fully immerse in the tale's profound message. It made me reflect deeply upon my own endeavours.

Was I merely laying bricks or actively constructing a house of purpose in my life?

While I had a clear vision of helping others through therapy, coaching, healing, and writing, I couldn't help but question whether my attitude, emotional resilience, and confidence truly aligned with this vision. Did I even truly believe that it could still happen?

Constructing a House of Purpose

Personally, when faced with adversity or emotional turmoil, I have a favourite question I ask myself: "Will this still matter to me in 10 years?" If the answer is no, I choose to let it go, resolving the issue to the best of my ability, and shifting my focus back to the bigger picture.

This mindset has proven invaluable in my journey as an entrepreneur, particularly when I launched my hypnotherapy and coaching business online. Initially, the road seemed rocky and uncertain, with no inquiries, limited knowledge of how to navigate the business world, and occasional encounters with online negativity.

In moments of self-doubt, I made a conscious decision to always reconnect with my bigger vision. One of my go-to mantras became: "I am in it for the long run, not just a passing season." This mindset released the pressure for immediate results and reminded me that I was constructing a house meant to stand tall and proud for years, rather than a temporary structure.

One of my go-to mantras became: "I am in it for the long run, not just a passing season."

Journal it into Reality: Unveiling the Hidden Power of Vision

Yet, just as a house can evolve, change, and deviate from its original blueprint, so too does our vision grow and transform along our journey. That is precisely why it is crucial to regularly revisit and nurture our vision. As we find ourselves in July, officially stepping into the second half of the year, it becomes an opportune time to reignite the momentum in our lives, careers and businesses, gain clarity on our vision for the coming months, and re-establish our connection with the bigger picture. Of course, regardless of the month you're in, these practices remain relevant and applicable at any point along the way.

To make this process enjoyable and meaningful, I suggest transforming it into a delightful personal development ritual. Gather your favourite journal, a pen, a delightful beverage, perhaps a scented candle if you're indoors, and dark chocolate. Set the mood with uplifting music that resonates with your soul.

Together, let's explore some journaling prompts that will inspire and guide you:

HEALTH: What do you desire in terms of your health? How do these desires make you feel, and why are they important to you?

SPIRITUALITY: Reflect on your spiritual aspirations and the experiences you wish to have in this realm.

FAMILY & FRIENDS: Consider the connections and bonds you wish to nurture with your loved ones.

CAREER/BUSINESS: Envision your ideal career or business path and the impact you want to make in this domain.

YOUR BIGGER MISSION AND PURPOSE IN LIFE: Delve into the deeper meaning and purpose behind your existence.

MONEY/FINANCES/WEALTH: Explore your desires and aspirations concerning financial abundance and security.

EXPERIENCES/FREE TIME: Imagine the experiences and moments of joy and fulfilment you want to embrace.

TRAVEL: Envision the places you yearn to explore and the adventures you wish to embark upon.

Feel free to add or modify these categories as you see fit. Remember, it's okay to evolve and change your desires as you grow, for we are ever-evolving beings, not meant to remain stagnant.

Let your vision be a guiding light—a torch in the dark, igniting a fire within your heart. Embrace the courage to dream big, to envision a future where you leave your mark on the world.

The key to setting a powerful vision lies in refusing to water it down. Instead, be audacious and unapologetically bold. A vision that truly motivates you during difficult moments and inspires action on days when you feel less than motivated cannot be a watered-down version. As Lily Meola sings in her song "Daydream," remember that your vision:

"ain't big enough if it doesn't scare the hell out of you. If it makes you nervous, it's probably worth pursuing".

So, forget about your plan B and wholeheartedly dive into your plan A. Now, let's delve into a mini manifestation ritual and some actionable steps that will propel you towards your vision:

Music Manifestation Ritual

Having journeyed through the journaling prompts and gained clarity on your desires, it's time to infuse your vision with emotions and create a positive anchor. Start by exploring various music platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, or YouTube. Search for a song that resonates with your vision—a song that uplifts and moves you in a profound way. It might be a high-vibe track that makes you want to dance with boundless joy or a melody that evokes goose bumps or tears of gratitude. Trust your instincts, as you may already know the perfect song, or you may discover it during your search.

Once you've found your song, sit down in a quiet space and play it on repeat. Close your eyes and immerse yourself in the music. Visualise your desires vividly, experiencing the emotions that are tied to them. See yourself living out your dreams, engaging in the activities you've longed for, and sharing exciting news with others. Immerse yourself completely in this visualisation exercise.

It is crucial to play the song at least three times to establish a strong connection between the music and the positive emotions linked to your vision. This practice creates a powerful anchor that you can return to whenever you want to reconnect with your vision or evoke those empowering emotions. You can even use this song as the background music for your future meditations and visualisations.

I have done this process so many times, for different areas of my life and it work like magic.

Seeing Beyond the Bricks

Building your vision requires recognizing the bigger picture and embracing the grand tapestry of your life. As you set forth on this journey, remember to nurture your vision regularly, allowing it to evolve alongside your aspirations. By maintaining a resilient mindset and connecting with your vision, you will gracefully navigate challenges and steadily progress toward creating the life you genuinely desire.

So let's embark on this adventure together—laying a solid foundation, brick by brick, and constructing a house of purpose, passion, and fulfilment.

With Love,


I am a hypnotherapist and coach for ambitions women, creatives and entrepreneurs who are ready to turn up the heat and open up to new levels of growth and transformation.

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