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with Stepanka

Calibrate Your Energy

Step Into the Full Potential

of Who You Really Are 

Step into the 
P  O  R  T  A  L
OF 2022
confidence, clarity & love in your heart

VIP Day with Stepanka is an amazing opportunity for you to anchor in your next level, gain clarity, activate your vision

and shift into an upgraded frequency, 

both personally and professionally.

Foggy Forest

Here’s What You’ll Learn & Experience:

Highly Individual

We will focus on you, your energy, mindset, vision and soul callings. You will open yourself to new and fresh ideas.


We will dive deeply into your inner landscape, uncover and hidden blocks and release them.​


 You will get all the support

 you need.

Liberate Yourself

From The Past

You will release any baggage that has been holding you down before you step into 2022. 


We will look at any potential fears, limiting beliefs  and outdated mind programmes that could slow you down. 

You will walk away feeling lighter, seen and supported.

Soul Alignment

We will wrap up with mapping out your most aligned vision  for the next year and beyond, combining the sacred masculine structure of your goals and the intuitive feminine flow, that will invite more effortlessness 

into your life

We will anchor this vision into your body and mind.

What is included in this powerful transformation?

Please note, that this is a tailor made package and the techniques used

will be chosen to suit your individual needs and wants.

Bellow you can see some of the examples of what your day can look like.


Our time together will be designed specifically for your and your vision.

  • Pre-assessment ( this takes place before our VIP Day)

  • 5+ hours together on Zoom ( we will have breaks )

  • Magnetic heart assessment ( aka your energetic blueprint)

  • Deep dive into your heart & soul

  • Embodiment work to anchor the frequency of success, love & support into your body

  • Magnetic heart meditation, so that you can activate your vision in the quantum field

  • Mapping out your vision for 2021 and anchoring it into your body and mind 

  • Release blocks and self-sabotage

  • Hypnosis & cord cutting

After your VIP Day you will receive:

  • 7 days of messenger support to help you integrate all your breakthroughs into your everyday life, I will answer your questions and give you the support you need

  • Recorded hypnosis to help you anchor all the energetic upgrades into your everyday life ( this will be done after our VIP day, as I want to make sure that I create a technique that will support you the most)

Are you ready to find your synergy between sacred masculine structure of your goals and divine feminine flow to claim your next level in 2022 in a way that fully supports you and is aligned with your soul?

You are meant for  

M  O  R  E

Are you open to receiving it all?


Time and date of your VIP day will be agreed during your application call.

I am able to accommodate various time zones.

Your VIP day takes place on Zoom and

will be broken down into 3 main sessions

with 2-3 breaks.


There is no limit to what we can accomplish. 

 You will...

  • Feel more connected than ever before - to yourself, your soul, your vision and to what’s possible for you and your life

  • Release old energetic baggage that has been holding you back and that has no place in your future

  • Activate your full potential and start believing in yourself on a whole different level

  • Map out 2022 and beyond based on your soul callings and based on what is in alignment with who you are as opposed to repeating the same patterns and working from your head

  • Open yourself up to receiving more from life

  • Have confidence and clarity - on where you’re headed in 2021 and how you’re going to step into your next level and take action on your inspired ideas

Let’s get you to your next expansion level.

Meet your guide Stepanka

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Empowerment Coach,

Neuro-Linguistic Programming & Angelic Reiki Practitioner

I guide soul-centered people to follow their deeper callings, to become unstoppable, empowered and stop being held back by fears, insecurities & anxiety. I help them to become the most magnetic & glowing version of themselves. 


I believe that it all starts with YOU, you are the most powerful influence in your life and you have the power within to turn things around. It is my mission to help, motivate, inspire and uplift women, so that they become mindful creators of their lives, and together we create a ripple effect of positivity in the world. 


This is what my clients say

Andrea A. - Mexico

Working with Stepanka and her program was a very important step in my life. It helped me to align myself with my vision,

my work & my inner being  that was calling me to let go of my insecurities & to shine! 

There is so much power & transformation in this program & the support I received from Stepanka was amazing. 
She is so intelligent & loving, it helped me to acknowledge my worth & face different challenges. 
 I feel empowered & inspired to go for more in life! 
I have more energy, my body feels great & I let myself be connected to my soul callings, I attracted the work I love, 
& even met a potential partner! 

I have more clients now, I'm not afraid of receiving money.

I'm now able to help a big group of women & share my wisdom.
Thank you so much for this Stepanka, for being you & following your calling, for being part of this world. 

andrea fotka.jpg

Ivett G. , UK

I would highly recommend to anyone to choose yourself and start working with Stepanka. This work is not always easy. It can be very hard. And working with her you will have the gentle hand and heart to guide and support you so you can come out of the storm stronger.

That's what I experienced and I'm forever thankful for it. With Stepanka's help, I have learned a lot about myself.


About my desires and that I'm capable and worthy of achieving them. I learnt this not by her only saying it. She also made me experience it and work on it. This is an extremely powerful combination. Thank you.


Kate Z., Prague

Stepanka is an expert at what she does. We have been working together for almost 6 months now and we went from ‘fixing’ urgent problems to recognising and building my long-term vision.

Hypnotherapy is incredibly effective and it is such a down-to-earth approach and I love it. Stepanka also knows what to say and when.

The first half of 2019 was awful, and I did not think I was going to get through it. So many things happened in my personal life and this made me seek help and support and that is when I started working with Stepanka.

Looking back, I am grateful for all that happened in my life that year, as working with Stepanka has been the best decision I have ever made. I love the fact that the sessions are online, as I can do it from the comfort of my home. I am feeling so supported and truly seen. Now I feel I could truly do anything, even run for president !

Cathleen D., New Jersey

I am so grateful that Stepanka has come into my life especially in this ever changing uncertainty that is 2020. She has kept me sane throughout it all from transitioning out of a toxic work environment and relationship to finding a better paying job as well as helping me to uplevel and align with the bigger part of my vision. 


She has also empowered me in so many ways via hypnotherapy and teaching me about manifestation. I have even attracted a wonderful amazing man into my life who is aligned with who I am and what I want out of life. She has also helped me routinely overcome negative self talk and thought patterns and helped me to take aligned action steps towards my goals. 


Since working with Stepanka, I am no longer afraid to speak my truth or share with the world who I am and the gifts I have to offer.


Thank you so much Stepanka for all you have helped me with and I am so happy you decided to follow your passion and change the lives of so many! 


Before I started hypnotherapy with Stepanka I was at a very low point. I couldn’t stop focusing on what I didn’t like about myself, my failures, my losses, and felt trapped by my own thoughts. After a few sessions, I immediately started to feel a renewed sense of self- I was more aware of my thoughts, and quickly began to recognize the negative thought patterns that had been holding me back.


Stepanka was so encouraging, motivating, and helped me to see things clearly for what they were- she helped me to establish new thought patterns through hypnosis sessions, talking things through, and by providing all the extra support I needed. She is an excellent guide and I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her. I would highly recommend her services, she truly has changed the course of my life for the better.


Bailey, British Columbia, Canada

More love from clients 


Say YES to yourself

 & your calling.

Anchor Portal

Your Investment

Payment in GBP:

One time payment: £555.00

Payment in USD

One time payment: $744.00

Payment plans are available on request. 

The full payment is required prior to your VIP day. 

Book your application call below, during which we can discuss things such as time, date, your goals, desires and I will answer any of your questions, as well as I will have an opportunity to get to know you a little more before our big day. 

Let’s get you to your next expansion level.



Q: How do I need to prepare for my VIP day?

A:  It's important that you have space and time just for yourself, ideally in a quieter environment, as we will be doing hypnosis, meditations or different kind of activations.

Have a notebook and pen ready, as well as earphones or headphones, as they will allow you to go deeper into hypnosis or meditation without getting distracted by any external noises.


If possible, don't book any other important appointments on this day, so that you have got plenty of time  for yourself and for integrating the work we will have done together.


It is also good to think about food or snacks for the day, so that you have got something to eat on your breaks between sessions without having to think about it. 


Q: Refund Policy?
A: Sorry, not available. Due to the nature of the program and the intellectual property and resources shared, there are no refunds. I would rather you not take the program and wait until you’re sure.

Q: I have more questions!

A: I have answers! Book the application call here and we can talk through any question you might have or email me at


You have read this far...And it's not by chance.

I know you have a vision or a deeper knowing 

in your heart for what is possible for you...

And where there is a vision in your heart, 

there is a provision from the Universe.

The world needs you lit up, fulfilled & full of joy. 

We need more people like you,

dreamers, creators and soulful beings,

who are able to navigate themselves through life with ease.


The road ahead is not all just plain sailing,

but you have what it takes to create the life you most long to live.

This powerful VIP DAY is designed to help you bring your vision into reality, connect to and activate your soul callings and feel unstoppable.




Ready to say YES  to yourself? 


Stepanka xxx

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