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Ready to unlock
your next level?

Mindset. Hypnotherapy. Coaching.

Ready to sprinkle some serious magic into your life and business? It's time to embrace abundance and step into your true power.

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Hi & welcome,
my name is Stepanka!
I am an intuitive hypnotherapist & mindset alchemist.

I empower ambitious women, creatives, and entrepreneurs to overcome self-sabotage and unlock their true potential.


Through a unique blend of hypnotherapy, coaching, EFT, and more, I help you shatter the glass ceiling in your life, business, and career.


As a mindset and energy alchemist, I uncover blind spots- think of me as your personal BS detector, cutting through the noise and getting to the core of what's been holding you back, so that you receive more abundance and achieve your goals.


Beyond my professional roles, I am a partner to a wonderful boyfriend, sister, and a friend. I must confess, I have a slight obsession with stationary and you ‘ll often find me immersed in the pages of at least five books simultaneously (not the most recommended habit).

Are you ready to step into abundance, confidence, and action?

What my clients say...

Working with Stepanka was an absolute game-changer for me. I loved our time together and truthfully never enjoyed a coaching relationship more (and I’ve worked with a LOT of coaches over the years).


She has a brilliant skill set and an extraordinary understanding of human emotions. Stepanka was not only exceptionally helpful on practical business pieces (e.g., helping me with strategy, content, and figuring out what I really wanted my biz to look like) she was also a pure joy to work with.


She was masterful at really seeing what was present, accepting all of it, and helping me expand beyond my comfort zone without ever being pushy (at all). The entire time we worked together I felt like I had a true friend and experienced ally on my side.


Most of all, I always felt like Stepanka cared just as much about my success and well-being, as I did. She's a great listener, a supportive partner, and a beautifully authentic soul.


If you have the opportunity to work with her, my advice would be this:

Move heaven and earth to make it happen.

Debbie Sipowicz
biz alchemist, certified copywriter, messaging strategist, and intuitive marketer
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Ready to upgrade your energy?

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Welcome to the Inner

Glow Podcast.


Each episode is designed to help you feel empowered, confident and to help you create the life of your dreams. 

Make yourself a nice cup of tea, coffee, or cacao, coze up and binge on those epic episodes that will change your life. 


Join Stepanka's free empowering community for women called New Earth Women

This is a place to be if you want to feel inspired, binge watch free content, ask questions, get free readings, receive support and connect with other like-minded women. 

Let’s get you to your next expansion level now.

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Music is good for the soul and dancing is an amazing way to shift your energy and mindset.


Let the music remind you of your infinite power. You are beautiful. You are divine. You are a gift to this world.


The Universe wants you to thrive and be happy. 

Enjoy! Have fun!

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What my Clients Say...


Bailey, British Columbia, Canada

Before I started hypnotherapy with Stepanka I was at a very low point. I couldn’t stop focusing on what I didn’t like about myself, my failures, my losses, and felt trapped by my own thoughts.


After a few sessions, I immediately started to feel a renewed sense of self- I was more aware of my thoughts, and quickly began to recognize the negative thought patterns that had been holding me back. Stepanka was so encouraging, motivating, and helped me to see things clearly for what they were- she helped me to establish new thought patterns through hypnosis sessions, talking things through, and by providing all the extra support I needed.


She is an excellent guide and I am eternally grateful that I had the opportunity to work with her. I would highly recommend her services, she truly has changed the course of my life for the better.

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