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5 Reasons Why Working With Me Can Completely Change Your Career & Business

I'm not your typical hypnotherapist—I work with my intuition and share that guidance with my clients. I don't rely on one-dimensional tools. Instead, I weave together various techniques I've studied over the years, like NLP (neuro-linguistic programming), EFT (emotional freedom technique), energy healing modalities, coaching, breathwork, creativity, and leadership skills. But, at the core of my practice, my intuition plays a huge role.

I work with self-motivated, driven, committed women who want to get to their next level, in their business, with money, new opportunities and their careers, they are ready to up-level and want to say goodbye to those repetitive pattern that are keeping them on the same level.

I support them with up-levelling their mindset, expanding their energetic and emotional capacity so that they can sustain their growth, receive new opportunities, scale and be able to hold all that comes with that. My areas of expertise are nervous system and emotional regulation, subconscious mind reprogramming and building resilient mindset and emotional intelligence.

Connecting with someone on a call and sensing what's going on with them comes naturally to me.

When I first started my business, I was keeping a low profile. I hesitated to share the spiritual side of me online. I stuck with the 'clinical hypnotherapist' label and played it safe.

However, as I've become more visible in my own journey, it has equipped me to better support my clients. Many of them want to take up more space, be daring, share their voice and explore new avenues in their businesses and careers. And, of course, a big part of that involves dealing with visibility and the insecurities that tag along.

Five reasons why investing in hypnotherapy and coaching with me will be the decision you'll look back on and say, "thank goodness I did it":

My Intuition in Your Corner

I share my intuitive guidance with you during sessions and between sessions. Many of my clients share that they have never felt more seen and supported. I also don’t use hypnotherapy or Emotional Freedom Technique scripts. I recognizing that each client is unique with different needs and therefore I craft personalized techniques for you on the spot during our sessions.

I trust my intuitive skills, expertise, and experience to elevate your experience. Clients love the unique guidance I channel, leading to incredible support and synchronicities that are out of this world.

Practical meets Energy

In my sessions, I cut through the fluff. There's often a misconception that when we delve into the power of emotions and energy, we might not focus on practical strategies that drive tangible progress.

However, my sessions strike a balance—they're practical yet deeply rooted in shifting your energy and addressing your emotions. Let's face it, both are essential - we've all been fixated on 'doing more,' only to realize it doesn't always translate to receiving more because it fails to address emotional and subconscious blocks.

Furthermore, I've had sessions with others where I left feeling completely clueless, doubting if any difference would be made. Clients appreciate our strategic approach, coupled with our exploration of the deeper root causes of their obstacles.

Amazing Support Between Sessions

Sure, we have our 1-2-1 sessions on Zoom, but what sets my approach apart is the incredible support you receive between those sessions.

It's been a complete game-changer for most of my clients. They absolutely love having access to me between sessions through a private messenger app.

In this digital sanctuary, you get laser-focused coaching, a safe space to share your wins, and the encouragement to take up space. It's a shift from the usual giving and doing in your life; here, you receive the support you deserve.

Breakthroughs happen in this zone! When I send voice notes, answer questions, and provide coaching, I effortlessly pinpoint my clients' blind spots, creating space for profound transformations.

No One-Dimensional Techniques

Forget one-size-fits-all! I've trained in numerous modalities, bringing them all to the table. No focus on a single approach or cookie-cutter thingy here – my work is multi-dimensional and leads to profound changes.

You will receive personalized recordings and tools crafted specifically for you, which you can keep and continue working with at your convenience.

Want to explore how I could support you on your journey?

DM ( Facebook/Instagram) me or email ( me the word ‘ready’: If you're prepared to take your business to the next level through the power of subconscious mind reprogramming and powerful coaching.

Your future self will thank you.

with Love,



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