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How My Client Tripled Her Business and How You Can Achieve the Same

Every day, I celebrate the victories of my clients, both big and small. Today, I'm thrilled to shine a spotlight on a client whose rapid transformation can inspire anyone seeking growth and expansion in their life, business, or career.

In this post, I am going to share the top shifts she made to welcome more abundance, seize opportunities, embody the confident business owner she aspired to be, and cultivate a life of balance, harmony, and expansive joy.

When our journey began, this client was navigating the complexities of unhealthy relationships, her past traumas got easily retriggered and she was struggling to imagine that she could achieve her goals.

Despite the substantial impact of the COVID pandemic on her business—an in-person dance school—where almost everything came to a halt, she persevered. Additionally, she also faced the loss of her job in her full time position and had to start anew.

Fast forward to today, and the results speak volumes. This client has more than tripled the number of students in her dance school, introduced new classes, and even hired her first team member.

Her school is soaring to new heights, with upgrades across the board, from the physical space she rents out to her online presence. She has learned to boldly take up space, elevated her communication skills, and witnessed her students not only excelling in competitions but also delivering stellar performances.

This journey is a testament to the transformative power of resilience, mindset work, and the invaluable support of a guiding hand.

1. She got her nervous system on board with her goals and desires.

She set aside time to practise techniques that regulate her nervous system—like EFT tapping, my hypnosis recordings, and meditations. WHY? Because she realised that in order to EXPAND HER BUSINESS, she needed to simultaneously EXPAND HER ABILITY to hold the success she wanted and everything that comes with it.

2. She got rid of the negativity.

It wasn't a walk in the park, but she ditched people, situations, and places that didn't have her back, held her back, AND dropped habits that were dragging her down and created new ones instead. 

She started saying YES only to things that were good for her soul, body and mind. This also meant regular social media detoxes, being misunderstood by some people and investing more time in reading, learning and focusing on self-care.

3. Strategizing was key.

We realized a significant hurdle for her in attracting more money and opportunities was a DEEPER FEAR of not being able to handle success when it arrived.

So, we developed structures, devised plans, and prepared things in advance to avoid last-minute scrambles. This proactive approach not only eased her fears but also opened the door to more inquiries, students, and opportunities flowing in.


4. She prioritized herself and her body.

This client focused on building inner resilience and feeling physically strong because she understood that, without focusing on becoming mentally and physically strong, she wouldn't be able to handle the typical stresses of being an entrepreneur. She committed to working out, but also relaxing and returned to sports she used to love but had set aside for a while.

5. Addressing money blocks head-on was a priority.

This superhero of a client fearlessly confronted her financial wounds and fears, approaching the situation with genuine honesty and practicality.

By incorporating energy tools like EFT and hypnosis, she embarked on a transformative journey of releasing past money traumas, fears and worries - she made space for more money and opportunities to come. Before we knew it, she not only paid off all her debts but also indulged in self-care, enjoyable getaways, and initiated a savings plan.

Truthfully, I couldn't be prouder of this client. She's the kind of person who invested in herself even when it felt downright scary.

She knew deep down that she's destined for more, driven to make a significant impact. I am excited for our weekly chats, love providing support as she continues to grow and expand.

This is also possible for you, regardless of where you are right now.

With Love,



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