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5 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started My Business and What Shocked Me the Most

As I reflect on my own experiences and those of the clients I've supported, I've uncovered five crucial insights that would have significantly altered my perspective when I first started.

If you prefer listening over reading then you will be happy to hear that this has also been recorded as a podcast episode on my podcast called The Inner Glow Podcast, it is season 2 episode 38.

Let's dive in:

1.Start with Structure: Building the Foundation for Entrepreneurial Success

Sure, the idea of winging it and staying in that flowy, creative zone 24/7 might sound great. But let me tell you, having some basic processes right from the get-go?

Total game-changer. It doesn't stifle your creativity; it actually lets it run wild in the best way. Picture this: a bit of order, like email templates and payment processes, laying down the groundwork for your business. I like to call it the 'business backbone.'

It gives you the freedom to welcome more clients and sets the stage for better financial vibes. And guess what?

Your creative side loves it because when you've got some structure in place, that spontaneous, feminine energy of yours? It's like giving it wings.

From email templates to payment procedures, establishing a structure lays the groundwork for success. This is the practical side of being your own boss, and embracing it early on will save you from unnecessary chaos later.

Check out my CEO Day blog post for a deeper dive into this crucial aspect of business.

I got real with it. Created easy-peasy email templates, organized my digital life with Google Drive, set up spreadsheets for the nitty-gritty, and put some routines in place (Mondays, you're my CEO days!).

Also, drew a line between business and personal life and figured out straightforward steps for getting clients onboard and what to do once they've graduated from my offerings.

2.Simplicity Is King:

Reflecting on the early days of my journey in hypnotherapy and coaching, it hits me just how much I complicated things. Programs, 1:1 packages, structures, messaging—oh, and let's not forget my attempt at a super fancy website.

I see this trend with many clients I support too; they dive into the complexity of sharing their work, building intricate internal processes, crafting elaborate frameworks, and plotting out extensive marketing and social strategies.

The outcome? Overwhelm. And, as a result, nothing gets done. It's a lesson I've learned the hard way: Less is always more.

3. Embrace the Evolution:

There was a time when I yearned to have everything neatly "worked out," each duck lined up in a perfect row.

Reality check: business doesn't operate like that. Perfectionism, something I once saw as a goal, can actually be a hindrance.

Like many entrepreneurs, including myself, there's a tendency to want everything flawless from the get-go—spot-on branding, a magnetic presence on social media, flawless writing skills, absolute clarity in every aspect.

However, the truth is, business is an ever-evolving journey. Launching imperfectly and refining as you go isn't a failure; it's a commitment to growth.

Take inspiration from the giants—look at how the logos of companies like Apple and Coke evolved over the years.

And, most importantly, resist the urge to compare your day 30 with someone else's day 6500—it's simply not fair to yourself.

Embrace the power of evolving through experience.

4. Busy vs. Productive:

Embarking on the entrepreneurial journey is undeniably a tumultuous adventure, and embracing the inherent messiness is a fundamental aspect of the game.

Reflecting on my own journey, a valuable lesson stands out—I yearn for the early recognition of true priorities amidst the sea of busywork that often served as mere distraction.

Here's the strategy: Acknowledge what genuinely matters by focusing on high-impact tasks, prioritizing wisely, and muting the unnecessary noise.

No more hours spent perfecting a single design on Canva!

Implement daily check-ins to align your attention with your priorities. Confront the tasks you've been avoiding—conquer the most challenging one first thing in the morning.

Distinguish between activities that genuinely propel your business forward and those that can patiently wait.

And, don't underestimate the significance of selling.

It's time to cast aside reluctance and boldly promote your work, ensuring it basks in the spotlight it rightfully deserves.

5. Friends and Family Won't Always Be Your Biggest Fans:

Embarking on the entrepreneurial path often reveals an unexpected facet: the diverse reactions from friends and family. Some enthusiastically rally behind you, while others harbor initial skepticism.

Yet, the most perplexing group is the one that falls into the "not interested" category. This is a scenario echoed not only in my journey but in the experiences of many clients who share similar sentiments weekly.

Recognizing that people are often engrossed in their own lives rather than your business is a pivotal realization.

It's an opportunity to release expectations, refrain from making assumptions, and potentially unveil any personal longing for external validation.

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