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The Shocking Truth: Not Every Friend and Family Member Will Support Your Business

Starting a business is thrilling, but here's something that might have surprised you – your family and friends might not always be your biggest cheerleaders. It's a fact that caught me off guard, and I know many others feel the same. It's a topic that comes up with my clients nearly every week.

(If you prefer listening over reading, you can also listen to this on the Inner Glow Podcast podcast instead, simply search here for episode 35, season 2)

People react differently. Some, like my parents, become your biggest fans, giving you support by liking your posts and cheering you on (my parents don't even fully get what I am saying over on Instagram due to a language barrier, yet, I know they will always like it :D ).

Others, be it friends or family, might not be thrilled initially, concerned about the risks of starting a business (they care, but are projecting their fears), but they could warm up to it. Then there's a group that gets triggered by what you're doing – maybe because they're not pursuing their own dreams and seeing you follow yours hits a nerve.

The most shocking group of people…

What surprises many is the bunch that just doesn't seem interested. You're out there sharing your business stuff, hoping for cheers from friends and family, but it doesn't happen. They don't show much interest, even though you see them promoting big brands and celebrities. Yet, when it comes to your small business, they don't bother doing the same.

They might be watching your stories but not reacting, and that can be frustrating. Are they judging you? Are they annoyed? Why aren't they cheering you on?

These might even be people you expected solid support from, like classmates from the course that got you started, close friends, work colleagues, and, of course, your family.

Dealing with this, especially for spiritual business owners, can make you hold back. The fear of judgment from old colleagues, classmates, and family can make you second-guess self-promotion. I've seen women hesitate to sell their products, worrying about what their closest people might think.

If this sounds like your story, know you're not alone. Lots of people I talk to relate to what I just mentioned. So, what's really going on here?

Let's break it down.

First off, here's a reality check that I had to adjust to myself: people often care and pay less attention than you think. They're busy with their own lives and might not grasp how significant your business is, especially if they've never run one. They might have no idea how vulnerable it is to be putting yourself out there day after day.

They don't always think about how important it is for us when someone shouts us out and shares our work; they might not even know the importance of leaving that encouraging comment (because that could make the post more visible for others, think algorithms).

Could this be a mirror?

But what we also have to remember is that not everyone will get or like your work, and that's also okay. What you're doing is simply not everyone's cup of tea. It is also important to acknowledge that it is no one else's responsibility to cheer us on.

Actually, if this topic is often frustrating for you, unconsciously you might be craving validation from others. I know I did for a while and felt let down by those I expected it from the most. So could this be an incredible opportunity to heal those wounds?

Maybe you don't fully believe in yourself and your success, and therefore you crave to hear it from others, desiring reassurance and support - while there is nothing wrong with it, it can for sure be an emotional wound that needs attention if it shows up all too often.

The Silent Admirers

Furthermore, I want you to think about another group of people that follows your business journey, whether in life or online. Let's call them quiet admirers. They don't comment, share, or express their admiration for what you're doing, but they are watching.

The number of times I received a message from someone who shared that they love seeing me follow my passion, launch my business, and that they have been enjoying following along - those messages landed in my inbox from former work colleagues I haven't spoken with for years, high school classmates - none of them ever publicly showed any interest, but they have been watching.

Those messages always mean a lot, and I do appreciate them. It always reminds me that just because someone is not showing it publicly, it doesn't mean they don't care.

It all comes from within…

Truth be told, very often the source of our frustration is assumptions we make about others and what we make it mean about us, our work, and our future success.

Yes, haters are real…

And lastly, of course, there will be those who don't mean well, are spiteful, triggered af, and not happy for your success. Those who might think 'who does she think she is,' 'she knows nothing about life,' and they might gossip about you behind your back and so on. The truth is this is usually a minority, and it is a huge compliment to your work.

They, in a way, are still your fans because they can't look away and watch your every step, but in one way or another, they are not feeling fulfilled themselves. It is a sign that you are doing something well; keep up the work.

This is what really maters

In a nutshell, what matters most is what you think of your business. How you talk about it and show it off is more important than what others think. While having supportive people around helps, your success is in your hands. And even if you have more of those negative people around you, you get to create your own community, even if it is just online to start with - that's what I did. Find a community that gets you, and don't waste energy on those who don't. Your real supporters will show up along the way.

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