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Your Festive Guide & Resources to Wellbeing and Joy This Season

'Tis the season once more – the approach of Christmas and the holidays. While some eagerly anticipate this time of year as their favorite, for others, it holds little significance, and for some, it proves to be a challenging period.

This season can evoke a myriad of emotions – a time when we fondly remember those no longer with us, grapple with the enormity of family gatherings, or find our bodies feeling somewhat unbalanced amidst the whirlwind of Christmas parties, festive feasts, and celebratory drinks.

In this blog post, my aim is to provide you with valuable resources that can truly make a difference during this season.

Last year, I put together a series of podcast episodes for the Christmas and winter season, filled with practical resources, techniques, and tips to add a touch of mindfulness, peace, love, and kindness to your holiday festivities.

These episodes aren't just your average chatter; they're like a warm chat by the fireplace, designed to get you into the festive spirit while offering genuine value.

So, here's the plan: prepare yourself a nice cup of tea or cocoa, wrap up in a cozy blanket, add a hot water bottle for that extra snug feel, light up your favorite candle, and press play on the episodes below.

Episode 6 S2: The Unusual Gift Guide; Energy of Giving & Receiving

In this episode, we delve into the dynamics of giving and receiving. I'll share some unconventional energy tips perfect for the festive period, offering insights on managing stress and anxiety around Christmas and creating optimal energy vibes in your home.

Episode 7 S2: Turn Winter Blues into Winter Magic

Discover the art of dispelling those winter blues, building a deeper connection with the seasons, and boosting your energy levels during this chilly time of year.

I've got practical tips to lift your spirits and infuse a touch of magic into winter.

Episode 8 S2: How to Protect Your Energy During Christmas & the Holidays

This episode takes a deep dive into safeguarding your energy, both emotionally and physically.

From bedtime routines to mindful spiritual traditions, energy cleansing to addressing loneliness – get ready to feel recharged, connected to yourself, and properly rested.

Episode 10 S2: Winter Solstice Rituals, Journaling Prompts & Mindfulness Tips

The Winter Solstice isn't just any day; it's a powerful invitation to pause, reflect, and embrace the darker, cozier side of life. In this episode, I share a wealth of tips on feeling more connected to yourself and making the most out of this special time.

Bonus: you can even try these tools during the Christmas festivities.

How to listen?

It's simple – just search for the Inner Glow Podcast wherever you usually find your favorite podcasts and scroll down to November 2022. Trust me; you won't want to miss out!

My Christmas Playlist

Are you in search of a serene Christmas playlist? Here's mine, and you're welcome to give it a listen. Feel free to use any of these tracks to create your own mindful holiday atmosphere.

And, if you have any song recommendations to share, don't hesitate to drop me a message.

Let's make this festive season even more harmonious together!

Personal Notes

As we approach this festive season, I extend warm wishes for a truly wonderful time. I want to emphasize the importance of your personal peace – it takes precedence over everything else.

Establish clear boundaries, take good care of yourself, and prioritize simple yet vital self-care practices such as staying hydrated, nourishing your body with good food, and incorporating regular walks for a breath of fresh air.

While these may seem like straightforward, non-innovative suggestions, let's be honest – we often overlook these fundamental principles.

Release the pressure to have everything perfect. Embrace the beautiful messiness of life, and, most importantly, speak to yourself with kindness. Your voice is the most significant one in your life; ensure that your words make a positive impact and serve as an encouragement.

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List of Support Services

In the spirit of understanding that the festive season can be challenging for many in various aspects of life, has compiled a helpful list of support services.

These services extend assistance to individuals facing financial struggles, emotional hardships, or challenging relationships during this time of year.

Whether you need someone to talk to, advice on navigating difficult situations, or resources to improve your well-being, their comprehensive list of support lines can be accessed here: Christmas and Mental Health Useful Contacts.

Remember, reaching out for support is a strength, and help is just a call away.

With Love,



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